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Accommodation Operations HOSP1002 Unit
Accounting and Finance for Business (THS) HOTL1002 Unit
Advanced Hotel Property and Operations HOTL6006 Unit
Applied Hotel Research HOTL6005 Unit
Applied Hotel Research Part A HOTL6013 Unit
Applied Hotel Research Part B HOTL6014 Unit
Business Communications HOTL1006 Unit
Competitive Strategy (THS) HOTL3001 Unit
Compliance and Ethics for Hotels HOTL2009 Unit
Convention and Exhibition Planning HOTL2003 Unit
Creating the Hotel Customer HOTL6002 Unit
Disruption in Global Hospitality HOTL6004 Unit
Economics and Risk in Hospitality HOTL3005 Unit
Events: Operations and Management HOTL5005 Unit
Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Operations HOTL2007 Unit
Festival and Special Events Planning HOTL2005 Unit
Food and Beverage Operations HOSP1003 Unit
Food Services Management HOTL2010 Unit
Global Aviation HOTL2011 Unit
Hospitality Information and Technology Systems HOTL3006 Unit
Hotel Property and Operations HOTL5003 Unit
Innovation and Enterprise HOTL6007 Unit
Introduction to Business Law (THS) HOTL1004 Unit
Introduction to Conventions and Events HOTL2012 Unit
Introduction to Professional Practice HOSP1001 Unit
Issues in Contemporary Hospitality HOTL5006 Unit
Leading Food and Beverage Supply Chains HOTL6008 Unit
Managing Organisations (THS) HOTL1003 Unit
Marketing Principles (THS) HOTL1005 Unit
Professional Hospitality Experience I HOSP3001 Unit
Professional Hospitality Experience II HOSP3002 Unit
Professional Hospitality Experience III HOSP3003 Unit
Professional Hospitality Experience IV HOSP3004 Unit
Professional Industry Development HOTL5007 Unit
Research for Business and Tourism (THS) HOTL3003 Unit
Revenue and Analytics HOTL6010 Unit
Special Interest Tourism HOTL2001 Unit
Strategic Rooms Division HOTL6009 Unit
Sustainable Business Practices HOSP2004 Unit
Sustainable Hotel Management HOTL5004 Unit
Talent and Culture HOTL6003 Unit
The Foundations of Hospitality HOTL1007 Unit
The Global Hotel Landscape HOTL5001 Unit
The Global Hotel Leader HOTL5002 Unit
The Hotel Asset Ecosystem HOTL6001 Unit
The Human Resource Management Expert Practitioner (THS) HOTL3004 Unit
Tourist Behaviour and Interactions HOTL2002 Unit

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