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Accounting and Finance for Business ACCT1001 Unit
Accounting for Managers ACCT5002 Unit
Accounting for Managers (Online) ACCT5003 Unit
Administrative Law LAWS2006 Unit
Advanced Art Studio I ARTD3007 Unit
Advanced Art Studio II ARTD3008 Unit
Advanced Art Studio III ARTD3009 Unit
Advanced Art Studio IV ARTD3010 Unit
Advanced Contract Law LAWS6013 Unit
Advanced Digital Imaging ARTD3005 Unit
Advanced Intellectual Property Law LAWS6006 Unit
Advanced Law in Context LAWS4004 Unit
Advanced Legal Research LAWS6002 Unit
Advanced Legal Research and Writing LAWS4003 Unit
Advanced Management Accounting ACCT3002 Unit
Advanced Music Studio Practice I MUSC3005 Unit
Advanced Property Law LAWS6005 Unit
Advanced Screen Production MDIA3001 Unit
Advanced Studio Practice I ARTD3002 Unit
Advanced Studio Practice II ARTD3003 Unit
Advanced Taxation ACCT3001 Unit
Advanced Theories of Contemporary Art ARTD3001 Unit
Airline Operations BUSN2005 Unit
Airport Management MGMT3003 Unit
Analysing Policy Problems POLT2004 Unit
Animal Law LAWS2028 Unit
Animation Theory and Practice COMM2003 Unit
Applied Ethics and Sustainability SOCI1004 Unit
Applied Social Entrepreneurship BUSN2008 Unit
Art after 1960 ARTD2004 Unit
Art Studio I ARTD2010 Unit
Art Studio II ARTD2011 Unit
Art Studio III ARTD2012 Unit
Art Studio IV ARTD2013 Unit
Auditing ACCT3004 Unit
Australia, Asia and the World CLST2002 Unit
Australian Cultural History CLST2003 Unit
Australian Legal System LEGL1004 Unit
Australian Politics POLT1001 Unit
Aviation Management TOUR2005 Unit
Aviation Regulation and Law LAWS2029 Unit
Behavioural Finance and Client Relationships FINC2002 Unit
Borderlands: Identity, Culture and Belonging CLST3002 Unit
Business Accounting ACCT5001 Unit
Business Accounting for Managers (Online) ACCT5004 Unit
Business Analysis Project ISYS3006 Unit
Business Analytics STAT5001 Unit
Business Analytics (Online) STAT5002 Unit
Business and Corporation Law for Managers (Online) LEGL5003 Unit
Business and Market Intelligence ISYS2004 Unit
Business Forecasting ACCT3003 Unit
Business Practice and Impact BUSN1008 Unit
Business Professional Development BUSN5002 Unit
Business Professional Practice BUSN6007 Unit
Civil Litigation and Procedure LAWS2013 Unit
Climate Law and Policy LAWS2066 Unit
Clinical Legal Experience LAWS3001 Unit
Commercial Law LAWS2024 Unit
Communication in Organisations COMM1001 Unit
Community Engagement Project COMM3001 Unit
Community History Research Project HIST3001 Unit
Company and Financial Reporting ACCT6001 Unit
Company Law LAWS2001 Unit
Competition and Consumer Law LAWS2022 Unit
Competition Law LAWS6008 Unit
Competitive Strategy BUSN3001 Unit
Constitutional Law LAWS2005 Unit
Consumer Behaviour MRKT2001 Unit
Consumer Law LAWS6007 Unit
Contemporary Hotel and Tourism Issues TOUR5001 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Accounting Theory ACCT6006 Unit
Contemporary Reading and Writing Practices WRIT5001 Unit
Contract Law I LAWS2002 Unit
Contract Law II LAWS2003 Unit
Conveyancers Professional Practice LEGL2004 Unit
Conveyancing Law LEGL2008 Unit
Corporate Governance ACCT6015 Unit
Corporate Governance for Managers (Online) ACCT6013 Unit
Corporations Law LAWS2007 Unit
Create: Innovate: Change CRTV1002 Unit
Creative Music Practice I MUSC1001 Unit
Creative Music Practice II MUSC1002 Unit
Creative Music Practice III MUSC2005 Unit
Creative Music Practice IV MUSC2007 Unit
Creative Music Practice V MUSC3001 Unit
Creative Music Practice VI MUSC3002 Unit
Creative Nonfiction WRIT5004 Unit
Criminal Law LAWS2009 Unit
Criminal Procedure LAWS2008 Unit
Criminal Process LAWS2055 Unit
Critical Thinking for Digital Times CLST1004 Unit
Culture and Change Implementation HRMT2003 Unit
Culture, Technology and the Senses CLST2001 Unit
Cyborg, Virus, Algorithm: Concepts for Media Practice MDIA3002 Unit
Data Management DATA5001 Unit
DBA Research Proposal BUSN7006 Unit
Design Management and Realisation DSGN1008 Unit
Designing Workforces for Human Resource Management HRMT3002 Unit
Deviance in Society SOCI1003 Unit
Digital Fabrication ARTD1008 Unit
Digital Marketing MRKT6002 Unit
Digital Marketing (Online) MRKT6004 Unit
Digital Marketing Strategies MRKT2007 Unit
Digital Media Practices MDIA1003 Unit
Doing Cultural Studies CLST1003 Unit
Doing Social Research SOCI2006 Unit
Drawing ARTD1001 Unit
Drugs, Crime and the Law LAWS2060 Unit
EcoCultural Studies CLST3003 Unit
Economics ECON5003 Unit
Economics and Quantitative Analysis ECON5001 Unit
Economics and Quantitative Analysis (Online) ECON5002 Unit
Economics for Decision Making ECON1001 Unit
EEO and OH&S Law and Practice JUST2005 Unit
Employment and Industrial Relations Law LAWS2019 Unit
Entrepreneurial Finance BUSN3009 Unit
Entrepreneurship BUSN5006 Unit
Entrepreneurship and Innovation BUSN3003 Unit
Entrepreneurship and Marketing (Online) BUSN5007 Unit
Environmental Law LAWS2010 Unit
Environmental Management for Hotels and Attractions BUSN5001 Unit
Essential Screen Skills MDIA2002 Unit
Estate Planning FINC3003 Unit
Ethics and Professionalism FINC2006 Unit
Event Operations TOUR2008 Unit
Event Planning HOSP2001 Unit
Evidence LAWS2016 Unit
Family Law Practice LAWS2056 Unit
Festival and Special Events Planning HOSP2002 Unit
Film Studies MDIA2006 Unit
Finance ACCT6004 Unit
Finance for Business ACCT2007 Unit
Finance for Managers (Online) ACCT6016 Unit
Financial Accounting ACCT1002 Unit
Financial Risk Management FINC2001 Unit
Food and Beverage Management HOSP2005 Unit
Foundations of Torts LEGL2002 Unit
Freedom and Tyranny in the Ancient Mediterranean World HIST3002 Unit
Gender, Sexuality and Culture CLST2004 Unit
Global Business BUSN6001 Unit
Global Business (Online) BUSN6002 Unit
Global Business Law LAWS6003 Unit
Global Inequality and Development SOCI2007 Unit
Global Marketing MRKT2003 Unit
Global Social Movements POLT3004 Unit
Honours Research I COMM4002 Unit
Honours Research II COMM4003 Unit
Honours Research III COMM4004 Unit
Honours Research Project I COMM4005 Unit
Honours Research Project II COMM4008 Unit
Honours Research Project III COMM4009 Unit
Honours Research Project IV COMM4010 Unit
Honours Research Project V COMM4011 Unit
Honours Research Project VI COMM4012 Unit
Hospitality Services Management TOUR1002 Unit
Human Factors in Aviation MGMT3002 Unit
Human Resource Management HRMT6003 Unit
Human Resource Management (Online) HRMT6002 Unit
Human Rights JUST2004 Unit
Ideas and Ideals in Politics POLT2001 Unit
Independent Legal Research LAWS4001 Unit
Independent Project COMM3004 Unit
Industry Project I BUSN3007 Unit
Industry Project II BUSN3008 Unit
Industry Research Project BUSN7003 Unit
Industry Research Project: Part A BUSN7001 Unit
Industry Research Project: Part B BUSN7002 Unit
Information Systems for Accounting ISYS2005 Unit
Innovation Ecosystems BUSN3010 Unit
Instrumental Techniques II MUSC1011 Unit
Insurance and Risk Management FINC2007 Unit
Intellectual Property LAWS2020 Unit
International and Comparative Human Resource Management HRMT6004 Unit
International Business BUSN3004 Unit
International Business Law LAWS2021 Unit
International Business Negotiations LAWS2035 Unit
International Law LAWS2023 Unit
International Tourism Systems TOUR5002 Unit
Internship A BUSN3005 Unit
Internship B BUSN3006 Unit
Interviewing, Negotiation and Ethics LEGL1002 Unit
Intrapreneurship BUSN2003 Unit
Introduction to Agile Project Management PROJ5007 Unit
Introduction to Business Law LEGL1003 Unit
Introduction to Computing for Data Analytics ISYS1006 Unit
Introduction to Land Law LEGL2001 Unit
Introduction to Sociology SOCI1001 Unit
Introduction to the Business Law of Papua New Guinea LEGL1007 Unit
Introduction to Written Texts WRIT1001 Unit
Investments and Portfolio Management FINC3001 Unit
Issues in Aviation MGMT2002 Unit
Jessup Moot LAWS3004 Unit
Journalism in the Digital Age MDIA1004 Unit
Jurisprudence LEGL1006 Unit
Law Honours Research and Methodology LAWS4005 Unit
Law Honours Thesis I LAWS4006 Unit
Law Honours Thesis II LAWS4007 Unit
Law Placement LAWS3002 Unit
Leading and Managing Projects PROJ6003 Unit
Legal and Conveyancing Practice LEGL2005 Unit
Legal Fictions: Writing the Law LAWS2041 Unit
Legal Institutions and Processes LAWS6001 Unit
Legal Process LEGL1005 Unit
Legal Research and Writing LEGL1001 Unit
Legal Research: Context, Perspective and Method LAWS4002 Unit
Legal Studies LEGL5001 Unit
Literary Studies: Reading Culture WRIT5002 Unit
Litigation and Corporations LAWS6004 Unit
Local Government POLT2002 Unit
Local Government and Planning Law LAWS2014 Unit
Looking at Art ARTD1007 Unit
Making History HIST1001 Unit
Making Radio and Podcasts MDIA2004 Unit
Management Accounting ACCT2003 Unit
Management Communication BUSN5003 Unit
Management Communication (Online) BUSN5005 Unit
Managerial Accounting ACCT6002 Unit
Managing Information Systems BUSN6004 Unit
Managing Information Systems (Online) BUSN6009 Unit
Managing Organisations MGMT1001 Unit
Managing the Visitor Economy TOUR2014 Unit
Marketing MRKT6001 Unit
Marketing (Online) MRKT6003 Unit
Marketing Communications MRKT2004 Unit
Marketing Principles MRKT1001 Unit
Marketing Research MRKT3002 Unit
Media Project COMM3003 Unit
Media Studies MDIA1001 Unit
Mediation and Dispute Resolution LEGL2011 Unit
Mediation Practice and Procedure LEGL2012 Unit
Modern Art and the Avant-Garde ARTD2002 Unit
Mooting LEGL2009 Unit
Music Craft I MUSC1012 Unit
Music Craft II MUSC1013 Unit
Music Craft III MUSC1014 Unit
Music Craft IV MUSC1015 Unit
Music Craft V MUSC2008 Unit
Music Craft VI MUSC2009 Unit
Music Craft VII MUSC2010 Unit
Music Craft VIII MUSC2011 Unit
Music Industry Landscapes MUSC1008 Unit
Music Second Study MUSC1010 Unit
Musicianship I MUSC1003 Unit
Musicianship II MUSC1004 Unit
Musicianship III MUSC2002 Unit
Musicianship IV MUSC3004 Unit
Musicianship V MUSC3003 Unit
New Venture Creation BUSN3011 Unit
Non-Standard Lives: Work and Family in Australia SOCI2003 Unit
Oceans of Sound MUSC3010 Unit
Online Media Design COMM2004 Unit
Organisational Behaviour MGMT5002 Unit
Organisational Behaviour (Online) MGMT5003 Unit
Organisational Behaviour: Power and the Human Resource Management Activist HRMT2005 Unit
Organisational Change and Development (Online) MGMT6004 Unit
Organisational Stakeholder Management HRMT2002 Unit
Painting Essentials ARTD1002 Unit
Papua New Guinea Taxation ACCT2006 Unit
Paralegal Placement LAWS2004 Unit
Peace, War and International Politics POLT3001 Unit
Performances and Power in Literature and the Law JUST2007 Unit
Perspectives on Australia CLST1001 Unit
Photography and Digital Imaging ARTD1004 Unit
Poetics WRIT5005 Unit
Portfolio and Program Management PROJ6006 Unit
Principles of Contract Law LEGL2007 Unit
Principles of Equity LAWS2017 Unit
Principles of Financial Planning FINC2005 Unit
Printmaking Fundamentals ARTD1005 Unit
Private Law Remedies LAWS3007 Unit
Professional Auditing ACCT6003 Unit
Professional Conduct LAWS3003 Unit
Professional Development for the Workplace BUSN2001 Unit
Professional Placement COMM3002 Unit
Professional Practice ARTD3004 Unit
Project Management PROJ5001 Unit
Project Management Principles PROJ5002 Unit
Project Management: Initiation and Planning PROJ5003 Unit
Project Management: Quality, Control and Risk PROJ6001 Unit
Project Procurement and Contract Management PROJ6005 Unit
Property Principles LAWS2012 Unit
Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law LAWS2052 Unit
Public Interest Advocacy LEGL2017 Unit
Public Law Remedies LAWS3006 Unit
Race and the Law LAWS2063 Unit
Religions and the State SOCI3003 Unit
Research for Business and Tourism MGMT3001 Unit
Research Methods for Arts and Social Sciences COMM4001 Unit
Research Methods for Arts and Social Sciences I COMM4006 Unit
Research Methods for Arts and Social Sciences II COMM4007 Unit
Research Thesis (1 of 3) BUSN4001 Unit
Research Thesis (2 of 3) BUSN4002 Unit
Research Thesis (3 of 3) BUSN4003 Unit
Road Trip CLST2006 Unit
Screenwriting COMM2002 Unit
Sculpture and Spatial Practice ARTD1006 Unit
Service Design Thinking BUSN2010 Unit
Service Management for Tourism and Hospitality HOSP5001 Unit
Service Quality Management TOUR1003 Unit
Services Marketing MRKT2005 Unit
Short Story Writing WRIT2004 Unit
Social Policy SOCI1005 Unit
Society, Health and Illness SOCI2005 Unit
Solving Wicked Problems BUSN1006 Unit
Sound Production I MUSC1007 Unit
Sound Production II MUSC2006 Unit
Sounds, Styles and Cultures MUSC1009 Unit
Space, Place and Travel CLST2005 Unit
Specialist Studies I MUSC1005 Unit
Specialist Studies II MUSC1006 Unit
Specialist Studies III MUSC2003 Unit
Specialist Studies IV MUSC2004 Unit
Specialist Studies VI MUSC3006 Unit
Sport, Cultural and Special Events TOUR2011 Unit
Starting a Business BUSN1004 Unit
Statistical Analysis STAT1001 Unit
Statutory Interpretation LAWS2011 Unit
Stock Exchange and Finance Law LAWS2025 Unit
Strategic Architecture of Organisations HRMT2004 Unit
Strategic Marketing MRKT3001 Unit
Strategy and Case Analysis BUSN6005 Unit
Strategy and Case Analysis (Online) BUSN6008 Unit
Studies in Western Art Music MUSC3007 Unit
Studio Practice I ARTD2001 Unit
Studio Practice II ARTD2003 Unit
Superannuation and Retirement Planning FINC2004 Unit
Sustainable Business Management BUSN3002 Unit
Sustainable Tourism TOUR2001 Unit
Tax Law LAWS6010 Unit
Taxation ACCT2001 Unit
Taxation Law and Practice ACCT6005 Unit
The Casino, Club and Hotel Environment HOSP2007 Unit
The Company Law of Papua New Guinea LAWS2053 Unit
The Founder's Journey BUSN2009 Unit
The Human Resource Management Expert Practitioner HRMT3001 Unit
The Interconnected World BUSN1007 Unit
The Law of Corporate Governance LAWS6009 Unit
The Portfolio Career Musician MUSC3008 Unit
The Positive Leader MGMT6002 Unit
The Positive Leader (Online) MGMT6003 Unit
Torts LAWS2015 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Management TOUR5003 Unit
Tourism and Hotel Internship TOUR6002 Unit
Tourism Planning Environments TOUR6001 Unit
Tourism Theories and Practices TOUR1001 Unit
Tourist Behaviour and Interactions TOUR2010 Unit
Transport for Sustainability TOUR2012 Unit
True Crime JUST2013 Unit
Understanding Community SOCI1002 Unit
Understanding the Business Environment HRMT2001 Unit
Unruly Subjects: Citizenship CLST1005 Unit
US History: From Reconstruction to Globalization HIST1002 Unit
Video Journalism MDIA2005 Unit
Visual Communication and Design MDIA1002 Unit
Welfare Law LAWS2057 Unit
Wills and Estates LAWS2018 Unit
World Politics and Global Environmental Challenges POLT1002 Unit
Writing Across the Genres WRIT5003 Unit
Writing as a Profession WRIT6003 Unit
Writing Place: Landscapes, Memory, History HIST2001 Unit
Writing Poetry WRIT2007 Unit
Writing Project A (Research and Writing) WRIT6001 Unit
Writing Project B (Writing as Research) WRIT6002 Unit
Written Communication WRIT1003 Unit

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