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Advanced Secondary Curriculum Pedagogy I EDUC2016 Unit
Advanced Secondary Curriculum Pedagogy II EDUC3014 Unit
Casual Teaching TCHR3005 Unit
Children's Literature EDUC3017 Unit
Children, Families and Communities TCHR2002 Unit
Co-operative Learning Skills in the Classroom EDUC3001 Unit
Computer Aided Design and Graphics DSGN2006 Unit
Contemporary Educational Contexts EDUC6005 Unit
Contemporary Educational Leadership EDUC6004 Unit
Contemporary Health Issues for Young People EDUC3009 Unit
Creative Arts Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy EDUC2011 Unit
Critical Literature Review EDUC6001 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation - Music I EDUC5007 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation - Music II EDUC6014 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: English I TCHR2001 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: English II TCHR3002 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: Human Society and its Environment I EDUC2019 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: Human Society and its Environment II EDUC3019 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: Mathematics I EDUC2003 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: Mathematics II EDUC3003 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: Personal Development, Health, Physical Education I EDUC2002 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: Personal Development, Health, Physical Education II (Lifestyle) EDUC3005 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: Science I EDUC2004 Unit
Curriculum Specialisation: Science II EDUC3004 Unit
Curriculum Studies in Early Childhood TCHR2003 Unit
Curriculum, Assessment and Technology EDUC5010 Unit
Design and Technology Principles and Processes DSGN1003 Unit
Design and Technology: Essential Technologies DSGN1002 Unit
Design Management and Communication DSGN1004 Unit
Early Childhood Matters TCHR3001 Unit
Early Childhood Principles and Practice TCHR1001 Unit
Education and Care I: Preschoolers TCHR5004 Unit
Education and Care II: Infants and Toddlers TCHR3003 Unit
Education and ICT: Digital Disruptions EDUC2020 Unit
Education Honours Thesis (Stage 1 of 3) EDUC4001 Unit
Education Honours Thesis (Stage 2 of 3) EDUC4002 Unit
Education Honours Thesis (Stage 3 of 3) EDUC4003 Unit
Educational Investigation EDUC6007 Unit
Educational Leadership and Wellbeing EDUC6008 Unit
English as an Additional Language/Dialect EDUC3018 Unit
English Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy EDUC2012 Unit
English Education: Issues EDUC3011 Unit
Enhancing Student Wellbeing WELF6002 Unit
Environmental Education EDUC1005 Unit
Evaluation for Improved Teaching and Learning EDUC6012 Unit
Food Technology and Society FOOD2001 Unit
Food Technology as an Enterprise FOOD2002 Unit
Foundations for Education EDUC1003 Unit
Foundations: English ENGL1004 Unit
Foundations: Human Society and its Environments CLST1002 Unit
Foundations: Language & Literacy ENGL1005 Unit
Foundations: Mathematics and Numeracy MATH1002 Unit
Foundations: Personal Development, Health and Physical Education HLTH1002 Unit
Foundations: Science and Technology SCIN1003 Unit
Foundations: The Arts CRTV1001 Unit
Graphics Principles and Industry Application DSGN2005 Unit
History of Design and Technology DSGN2002 Unit
Human Society and its Environments: Curriculum and Pedagogy EDUC2013 Unit
Inclusive Education, Theory, Policy and Practice TCHR6003 Unit
Inclusive Teaching EDUC6003 Unit
Independent Study - Education I EDUC3021 Unit
Independent Study - Education II EDUC3022 Unit
Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise in Design and Technology DSGN2004 Unit
Integrated Technology Project DSGN3002 Unit
Interdisciplinary Studies of History and Time EDUC3016 Unit
Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood TCHR3004 Unit
Leading Professional Learning EDUC5005 Unit
Learning and Support Frameworks EDUC5004 Unit
Learning Technologies EDUC2005 Unit
Learning through Literacy and Numeracy EDUC5003 Unit
Literacy, Assessment and Information & Communication Technology EDUC2010 Unit
Mathematics Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy EDUC2014 Unit
Mathematics Education: Issues EDUC3012 Unit
Metal Design and Production DSGN1007 Unit
Metal Industry Practice and Management DSGN2008 Unit
On the Shoulders of Giants: Critically Examining the Literature in Education EDUC7002 Unit
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy EDUC2015 Unit
Physical Education Studies I: Athletics and Aquatics EDUC2007 Unit
Physical Education Studies II: Dance and Gymnastics EDUC2008 Unit
Play and Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education TCHR5001 Unit
Play and Pedagogies in the Early Years TCHR1002 Unit
Playing with Theory and Research Methodology in Education EDUC7003 Unit
Playing with Theory and Research Methodology in Education Part 1 EDUC7018 Unit
Positive Behaviour Support EDUC2018 Unit
Principles and Practice in Early Childhood Education TCHR5003 Unit
Professional Development in Education EDUC3010 Unit
Professional Experience I: Becoming a Teacher TCHR3007 Unit
Professional Experience I: Enhancing Student Learning TCHR5002 Unit
Professional Experience II: Effective Teaching TCHR3008 Unit
Professional Experience II: Evaluation to Improve Teaching Practice TCHR6005 Unit
Professional Experience III: Transition to the Profession TCHR3006 Unit
Professional Experience in Early Childhood Education I: Pre-schoolers TCHR6004 Unit
Professional Experience in Early Childhood Education II: Infants and Toddlers TCHR6001 Unit
Promoting the Health and Wellbeing of Young People EDUC3008 Unit
Research Methods in Education EDUC6006 Unit
Research Project EDUC6002 Unit
Research Ready: Doctor of Education Research Proposal & Ethics EDUC7004 Unit
Science and Technology Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy EDUC3013 Unit
Storytelling EDUC2017 Unit
Supporting Learners with Diverse Abilities EDUC2009 Unit
Supporting Students in Difficult Times WELF5002 Unit
Teaching the Gifted EDUC2001 Unit
Technology and Collaboration to Support Learning and Participation TCHR6002 Unit
Technology Pedagogy and Curriculum I EDUC2006 Unit
Technology Pedagogy and Curriculum II EDUC3020 Unit
Textile Science and Innovation TEXT2003 Unit
Textiles and Design TEXT2001 Unit
Textiles and Society TEXT2002 Unit
The Learning Environment EDUC5002 Unit
Timber Design and Production DSGN1006 Unit
Timber Industry Practice and Management DSGN2007 Unit
Understanding Children and Adolescents EDUC5001 Unit
Understanding Children and Young People EDUC1004 Unit
Valuing Diversity EDUC5006 Unit
What is Educational Research? EDUC7001 Unit

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