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Abnormal Psychology PSYC2002 Unit
Accountability and Clinical Reasoning REHB3002 Unit
Acute Care Nursing NURS2010 Unit
Acute Mental Health MHNS5003 Unit
Advanced Fieldwork OCCU3003 Unit
Advanced Fieldwork (Podiatry) PODR3001 Unit
Advanced Pharmacology for Podiatrists PHAR2002 Unit
Advanced Professional Practice I REHB6001 Unit
Advanced Professional Practice II REHB6002 Unit
Advanced Psychological Investigation PSYC2005 Unit
Advanced Quantitative Methods in Psychology STAT3001 Unit
Advanced Sport and Exercise Psychology PSYC5001 Unit
Advanced Topics in Health Science Research HLTH4001 Unit
Advanced Topics in Professional Psychology PSYC4002 Unit
Analysis of Multivariate Behavioural Data STAT4002 Unit
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Head and Neck HBIO2008 Unit
Applied Biomechanics SCIN3001 Unit
Applied Leadership in Mental Health Clinical Practice MHNS6003 Unit
Applied Psychological Investigation PSYC3002 Unit
Applied Research and Evaluation for the Psychological Scientist-Practitioner STAT4003 Unit
Applied Research and Evaluation Methods for Health Sciences STAT4001 Unit
Appraising and Applying Research Findings Across Disciplines SPCH2001 Unit
Assessment and Intervention of Communication and Swallowing: Clinical Placements SPCH3001 Unit
Behaviour Change PSYC2007 Unit
Biochemistry BIOL2007 Unit
Bioinformatics BIOL2005 Unit
Biological Chemistry and Human Metabolism BIOL1004 Unit
Biological Psychology PSYC3004 Unit
Biomechanics of Gait HBIO2004 Unit
Building a Professional Portfolio PBHL5006 Unit
Cardiovascular Health REHB5004 Unit
Care Management and Leadership NURS3001 Unit
Case Management and Care Planning WELF2005 Unit
Chemistry for Health Sciences CHEM1002 Unit
Child Language and Literacy: Theory and Practice SPCH2005 Unit
Child Speech: Theory and Practice SPCH2003 Unit
Chronic Illness and Nursing Care NURS2006 Unit
Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning NURS2002 Unit
Clinical Biochemistry BIOL2006 Unit
Clinical Exercise Physiology for Chronic Conditions REHB5001 Unit
Clinical Exercise Physiology for Neurological Conditions REHB5005 Unit
Clinical Microbiology MICR2002 Unit
Clinical Reasoning and Assessment Skills NURS5005 Unit
Clinical Reasoning in Professional Experience Learning OCCU2012 Unit
Clinics in Multimodal Intervention: Internal REHB2002 Unit
Cognition and the Healthy Brain NATM6006 Unit
Communication Development Across the Lifespan SPCH2011 Unit
Community Development WELF1002 Unit
Complex Challenges in Nursing Care NURS3003 Unit
Contemporary Health Leadership PBHL5010 Unit
Contemporary Mental Health MHNS5001 Unit
Counselling Theory and Practice WELF1003 Unit
Creating Person Centred Organisational Change PBHL5003 Unit
Critical and Creative Reasoning for Speech Pathology Practice SPCH3003 Unit
Critical Perspectives in Naturopathic Philosophy NATM6002 Unit
Critical Review in Health PBHL6005 Unit
Cross Cultural and Indigenous Issues in Psychology PSYC3005 Unit
Culture, Communication and Professional Practice PSYC5002 Unit
Developing Skills in Contemporary Psychotherapies MHNS6001 Unit
Development across the Lifespan PSYC2004 Unit
Diabetes Management in Health Systems and Settings PBHL6001 Unit
Diabetes Self-management Education Theory and Practice PBHL5004 Unit
Diagnostic Intake Clinic: Advanced and Interdisciplinary Practice (Internal) REHB3001 Unit
Dirt to Dinner: The Principles of Organics FOOD5001 Unit
Disability and Community Practice WELF3003 Unit
Discovery and Enquiry in Health: The Critical Literature Review NURS5001 Unit
Education, Leisure and Play Occupations OCCU2009 Unit
Effective Teaching and Supervision in Health Care PBHL5015 Unit
Envisioning Health Systems, Policies and Practices PBHL5018 Unit
Epidemiology PBHL2001 Unit
Essentials of Nursing and Care NURS1002 Unit
Evaluation of Occupational Therapy Programs OCCU3002 Unit
Evidence Translation and Implementation in Health Care NATM5007 Unit
Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing NURS3006 Unit
Exercise Physiology HLTH2002 Unit
Exercise Physiology and Prescription HLTH3002 Unit
Exercise Physiology for Specific Populations HLTH5002 Unit
Exercise Psychology PSYC2003 Unit
Farm Gate to Plate: Producing Food for Health FOOD5002 Unit
Field Education I WELF2001 Unit
Field Education II WELF3001 Unit
Fluency: Theory and Practice SPCH2009 Unit
Food and Nutrition in Health NUTR1001 Unit
Food as Medicine FOOD5004 Unit
Foot and Ankle Surgery PODR2009 Unit
Foundations of Midwifery MIDW1003 Unit
Foundations to Nursing NURS1001 Unit
Functional Anatomy of the Lower Limbs and Foot and Ankle HBIO2007 Unit
Functional Kinesiology of the Upper Limbs and Trunk HBIO2003 Unit
Fundamentals of Career Success in Psychology PSYC1005 Unit
Governance and Accountability in Health Care PBHL5017 Unit
Haematology BIOL2004 Unit
Health and Human Sciences Thesis (Stage I of II) HLTH4002 Unit
Health and Human Sciences Thesis (Stage II of II) HLTH4003 Unit
Health Assessment NURS2004 Unit
Health Maintenance and Restorative Nursing Care NURS2009 Unit
Health Promotion and Primary Health Care PBHL3004 Unit
Health Promotion and Wellness PBHL1002 Unit
Health Research Project A NATM6003 Unit
Health Research Project B NATM6004 Unit
Health Systems, Policies and Practices MGMT5001 Unit
High Acuity Midwifery MIDW3002 Unit
Histology and Embryology HBIO2006 Unit
Home and Community Occupations OCCU2006 Unit
Honours Thesis: Professional Skills Seminar HLTH4004 Unit
Human Anatomy HBIO1001 Unit
Human Growth, Development and Ageing HBIO1006 Unit
Human Microbiome and Health HLTH6001 Unit
Human Pathophysiology HBIO2005 Unit
Human Physiology I HBIO1007 Unit
Human Physiology II HBIO1008 Unit
Human Response to Health Breakdown NURS2008 Unit
Immunology MEDC2001 Unit
Independent Study - Health Science HLTH3001 Unit
Integrative Gastroenterology NATM5003 Unit
Integrative Mental Health NATM6005 Unit
Integrative Reproductive Health NATM5004 Unit
Integrative Women's Health NATM5006 Unit
Intermediate Anatomy and Physiology HBIO1005 Unit
Internal Clinical Placement PODR2003 Unit
International Exchange I EXCH0075 Unit
International Exchange I EXCH0051 Unit
International Exchange II EXCH0052 Unit
International Exchange II EXCH0076 Unit
International Exchange III EXCH0053 Unit
International Exchange III EXCH0077 Unit
International Exchange IV EXCH0078 Unit
International Exchange IV EXCH0054 Unit
International Exchange V EXCH0079 Unit
International Exchange V EXCH0055 Unit
International Exchange VI EXCH0056 Unit
International Exchange VI EXCH0080 Unit
International Exchange VII EXCH0081 Unit
International Exchange VII EXCH0057 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXCH0058 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXCH0082 Unit
Introduction to Evidence for Health Science Practitioners STAT2001 Unit
Introduction to Occupational Therapy and Human Occupations OCCU1001 Unit
Introduction to Podiatry and Pedorthics PODR1001 Unit
Introduction to Psychological Investigation PSYC1004 Unit
Introduction to Psychology I PSYC1001 Unit
Introduction to Psychology II PSYC1002 Unit
Introduction to Social Welfare WELF1001 Unit
Introduction to the Speech Pathology Profession SPCH1001 Unit
Introductory Anatomy and Physiology HBIO1009 Unit
Introductory Pharmacology PHAR2001 Unit
Introductory Physics and Maths for Health Sciences PHYS1002 Unit
Issues of Protection WELF3002 Unit
Language in Adults: Theory and Practice SPCH2008 Unit
Leading Change in Health Care PBHL5016 Unit
Leading Change in Healthcare HLTH5001 Unit
Leading Evidence-based Practice in Health PBHL6004 Unit
Learning and Applying Knowledge for Individuals and Groups OCCU2003 Unit
Learning and Memory PSYC3003 Unit
Lifespan Development and Occupational Transitions OCCU2005 Unit
Lower Limb Assessment I PODR2002 Unit
Lower Limb Assessment II PODR2010 Unit
Lower Limb Medicine I PODR2001 Unit
Lower Limb Medicine II PODR2004 Unit
Management and Treatment of the High Risk Foot PODR2008 Unit
Management for Sport and Exercise BUSN1001 Unit
Management of Chronic and Complex Health Conditions NURS5006 Unit
Managing Diabetes as a Chronic Condition PBHL5001 Unit
Mechanics for Movement SCIN2002 Unit
Mental Function (Cognition) Assessments and Interventions OCCU2008 Unit
Mental Function (Psychosocial) Assessments and Interventions OCCU2011 Unit
Mental Health WELF3004 Unit
Mental Health Across the Lifespan MHNS5002 Unit
Mental Health and Wellbeing MIDW3001 Unit
Mental Health in Community, Non-Government and Primary Health Settings MHNS6002 Unit
Mental Health Nursing NURS2005 Unit
Metabolic Health REHB5002 Unit
Metabolic Health and Management HLTH6002 Unit
Microbiology MICR2001 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships A MIDW2001 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships B MIDW2004 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships C MIDW2005 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships D MIDW2007 Unit
Midwifery Internship MIDW3004 Unit
Midwifery Practice in Complex Childbearing MIDW2008 Unit
Midwifery Professional Experience 3a MIDW3007 Unit
Mobility and Personal Care Occupations OCCU2001 Unit
Molecular Genetics BIOL2002 Unit
Motor Control HBIO2002 Unit
Motor Learning HLTH2001 Unit
Musculoskeletal and Reduced Energy Assessments and Interventions OCCU2004 Unit
Musculoskeletal Functional Anatomy HBIO2001 Unit
Musculoskeletal Health REHB5003 Unit
Narratives of Health and Illness NURS1004 Unit
Neurogenic Speech Disorders in Adults and Children SPCH2007 Unit
Neurology for Speech Pathology SPCH2002 Unit
Neuroscience BIOL2003 Unit
Nursing and Lifespan Health NURS2003 Unit
Nursing in the Australian Context NURS5002 Unit
Nursing Management of Acute Health Breakdown NURS2011 Unit
Nursing Practices NURS2001 Unit
Nursing Practices 2 NURS3007 Unit
Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice OCCU3001 Unit
Optimising Health in Childbearing I MIDW2002 Unit
Optimising Health in Childbearing II MIDW2003 Unit
Optimising Health in Complex Childbearing MIDW2006 Unit
Organic Chemistry CHEM2002 Unit
Organic Food Systems FOOD5003 Unit
Orthoses and Bracing PODR2005 Unit
Osteopathic Clinical Practice and Research I OSTP6001 Unit
Osteopathic Clinical Practice and Research II OSTP6002 Unit
Osteopathic Clinical Practice and Research III OSTP6005 Unit
Osteopathic Clinical Practice and Research IV OSTP6004 Unit
Osteopathic Diagnosis I OSTP2003 Unit
Osteopathic Diagnosis II OSTP2008 Unit
Osteopathic Medicine I OSTP5001 Unit
Osteopathic Medicine II OSTP5002 Unit
Osteopathic Medicine III OSTP6010 Unit
Osteopathic Science I OSTP2001 Unit
Osteopathic Science II OSTP2002 Unit
Osteopathic Studies I OSTP1001 Unit
Osteopathic Studies II OSTP2004 Unit
Osteopathic Studies III OSTP2005 Unit
Osteopathic Studies IV OSTP2006 Unit
Osteopathic Studies V OSTP2007 Unit
Osteopathic Studies VI OSTP3001 Unit
Osteopathic Studies VII OSTP6007 Unit
Osteopathic Studies VIII OSTP6008 Unit
Pathophysiology and Diabetes in a Global Context HBIO5001 Unit
Pedorthics Clinical Placement I PODR2011 Unit
Pedorthics Clinical Placement II PODR2012 Unit
Pedorthics Clinical Placement III PODR3002 Unit
Phonetics and Linguistics for Speech Pathology SPCH1002 Unit
Physical Health Care in Mental Health MHNS6004 Unit
Physical Sciences in Health SCIN2003 Unit
Pitch and Propose HLTH5004 Unit
Planning and Delivering Human Services WELF3005 Unit
Practice-Based Health Research NATM5001 Unit
Primary Health Care and Nursing Practices NURS2007 Unit
Primary Health Care Midwifery MIDW1002 Unit
Primary Health Care Practices and Philosophy NURS5004 Unit
Principles & Practice of Lifestyle Medicine 2: Clinical Processes HLTH5007 Unit
Principles & Practice of Lifestyle Medicine I: Foundations HLTH5006 Unit
Principles & Practice of Lifestyle Medicine 3: Planning and Management HLTH6003 Unit
Principles and Practice of Clinical Accountability HLTH5005 Unit
Principles and Practice of Pedorthics I PODR2006 Unit
Principles and Practice of Pedorthics II PODR2007 Unit
Principles of Behaviour in Physical Activity PSYC1006 Unit
Professional Contexts in Naturopathic Medicine 1: Foundations NATM2004 Unit
Professional Experience in the Biomedical Setting BIOL3001 Unit
Professional Practices NURS5003 Unit
Professional Preparation SPRT3001 Unit
Professional Psychology Practicum I PSYC6005 Unit
Professional Psychology Practicum II PSYC6006 Unit
Psychological & Environmental Influences on Health HLTH6004 Unit
Psychological Assessment PSYC2001 Unit
Psychological Assessment and Psychopathology: Adults PSYC6001 Unit
Psychological Assessment and Psychopathology: Children and Adolescents PSYC6002 Unit
Psychological Interventions: Adults PSYC6003 Unit
Psychological Interventions: Children and Adolescents PSYC6004 Unit
Psychology and Sociology for Health Sciences PSYC1003 Unit
Psychology Honours Thesis I PSYC4003 Unit
Psychology Honours Thesis II PSYC4004 Unit
Psychology Seminars PSYC4001 Unit
Quantitative Methods in Psychology STAT2002 Unit
Regional Rural Remote Fieldwork OCCU2007 Unit
Research for Social Work SWRK6003 Unit
Research Methods for Psychology Practitioners PSYC5003 Unit
Research Proposal for Health Innovation PBHL6006 Unit
Self-management and Chronic Disease HLTH6005 Unit
Sensory Motor Assessments and Interventions OCCU2002 Unit
Simulated and Actual Internal Clinics: Mixed Caseload REHB2001 Unit
Small Business and Entrepreneurship for Allied Health, Fitness and Sport HLTH1003 Unit
Social and Emotional Competence in the Workplace PBHL5008 Unit
Social Policy and Law for Social Work SWRK5003 Unit
Social Psychology PSYC3001 Unit
Social Work across the Lifespan SWRK6001 Unit
Social Work Direct Practice I SWRK5002 Unit
Social Work Direct Practice II SWRK5004 Unit
Social Work Field Placement I SWRK5007 Unit
Social Work Field Placement Ia SWRK5005 Unit
Social Work Field Placement Ib SWRK5006 Unit
Social Work Field Placement II SWRK6007 Unit
Social Work Field Placement IIa SWRK6005 Unit
Social Work Field Placement IIb SWRK6006 Unit
Social Work Foundations for Practice SWRK5001 Unit
Social Work in Groups and Communities SWRK6002 Unit
Social Work Organisations, Leadership and Management SWRK6004 Unit
Social Work Placement I SWRK2005 Unit
Social Work Practice I - Building Relationships SWRK2001 Unit
Social Work Practice II - Teams and Groups SWRK2002 Unit
Social Work Practice III - Mental Health SWRK3001 Unit
Speech, Voice and Hearing Sciences SPCH2004 Unit
Sport and Exercise Nutrition NUTR3001 Unit
Sports Conditioning and Training Methods SPRT2001 Unit
Strategic Health Management MGMT5004 Unit
Strategic Planning and Management in Health Care PBHL5014 Unit
Supported Decision Making for Choice and Control PBHL5005 Unit
Supporting Behaviour Change in Mental Health Contexts MHNS5004 Unit
Swallowing Across the Lifespan SPCH2010 Unit
Systemic Anatomy HBIO1003 Unit
Teaching and Supervision in a Clinical Setting HLTH5003 Unit
The Australian Health Care System PBHL1001 Unit
The Discipline of Nursing NURS1003 Unit
The Emerging Practitioner NURS3004 Unit
The Role of the Midwife as Leader, Mentor and Educator MIDW3005 Unit
Transformative Clinical Practices NURS5008 Unit
Transformative Nursing Practices NURS3005 Unit
Transfusion Science MEDC2002 Unit
Transition to Practice HLTH3004 Unit
Transition to Professional Practice HLTH3003 Unit
Transition to Registered Midwife MIDW3003 Unit
Translating Research into Practice OSTP6009 Unit
Trauma Informed Practice WELF2003 Unit
Utilising Research to Promote Quality in Health Care NURS3002 Unit
Work and Employment Occupations OCCU2010 Unit
Working in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Contexts and in Rural and Remote Settings SPCH2006 Unit
Youth Work WELF2002 Unit

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