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Accounting Information Systems and Processes ISYS5004 Unit
Advanced Built Structure Systems CIVL3011 Unit
Advanced Cybersecurity ISYS6002 Unit
Advanced Forest Science and Management FORS3008 Unit
Advanced Manufacturing Systems MANF3001 Unit
Advanced Marine Ecology MRNE6003 Unit
Advanced Wood Products, Processing Technology and Value Chains FORS6004 Unit
Agricultural and Forest Value Chains AGRC2008 Unit
Agricultural Machinery Systems AGRC5002 Unit
Analysis and Computer Modelling of Structures CIVL3002 Unit
Analysis of Food and Natural Products ERTH3002 Unit
Applied Mechanics CIVL1001 Unit
Applied Research Project I PROJ6002 Unit
Applied Research Project II PROJ6004 Unit
Aquatic Pollution and Catchment Management ERTH2003 Unit
Automation and Control Systems MANI3001 Unit
Big Data Analysis and Tools COMP6004 Unit
Big Data Visualisation and Storytelling COMP6007 Unit
Biogeochemistry ENVR3009 Unit
Biology BIOL1001 Unit
Blockchain Technology and Applications INFO6001 Unit
Building Information Modelling CIVL2021 Unit
Building Resilience in a Changing Climate: Through Drought, Fire and Flood ENVR5007 Unit
Built Structure Systems CIVL2020 Unit
Calculus and Linear Algebra I MATH2003 Unit
Calculus and Linear Algebra II MATH2002 Unit
Career Development and Professional Practice ERTH2004 Unit
Cells and Molecules BIOL1005 Unit
Chemistry CHEM1001 Unit
Civil Construction Career Development CIVL2009 Unit
Civil Construction Planning and Compliance CIVL1006 Unit
Civil Engineering Systems CIVL3013 Unit
Cloud Systems Development PROG2003 Unit
Coastal and Fluvial Hydrodynamics ERTH3001 Unit
Community Engagement PLAN2005 Unit
Computational Analysis MATH3003 Unit
Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning COMP6001 Unit
Computational Thinking PROG2008 Unit
Computer Aided Design Applications CIVL1013 Unit
Computer Forensics ISYS6004 Unit
Computer Networks COMP5001 Unit
Computing Project I: Analysis and Design ISYS3002 Unit
Concrete Structures Fundamentals CIVL2013 Unit
Construction Materials - Concrete CIVL1007 Unit
Construction Materials - Soils CIVL1008 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Information Technology ISYS1004 Unit
Contemporary Multimedia Resources COMP6003 Unit
Control Systems and Automation MECH4004 Unit
Cost Estimation, Monitoring and Control CIVL1009 Unit
Cybersecurity ISYS1002 Unit
Cybersecurity Management ISYS1003 Unit
Data Collection and Quantitative Analysis STAT2003 Unit
Data Communications and Networks COMP1001 Unit
Data Management Systems DATA6002 Unit
Data Structures and Algorithms COMP6008 Unit
Data Visualisation and Representation ISYS2003 Unit
Data Wrangling and Advanced Analytics ISYS2002 Unit
Database Systems DATA2001 Unit
Design of Steel Structures CIVL4001 Unit
Designing Information Systems ISYS5005 Unit
Designing the User Experience PROG2006 Unit
Developing Immersive Interaction ISYS6003 Unit
Developing the User Experience PROG2001 Unit
Drone Technology and Spatial Analysis GENG3001 Unit
Drone Technology and Use GENG2003 Unit
Dynamics MECH2001 Unit
Dynamics of Machines MECH3001 Unit
Earth Systems SCIN1004 Unit
Ecological Economics ENVR2011 Unit
Ecological Perspectives for Transformational Change ENVR6008 Unit
Ecological Perspectives: Human Ecology AGRC2005 Unit
Ecology for Natural and Managed Systems BIOL2011 Unit
Ecosystem Management and Regeneration ENVR1005 Unit
Ecosystem Modelling for Management FORS3006 Unit
Ecosystem Regeneration ERTH2002 Unit
Electro-Mechanical and Robotics Technology MECH3004 Unit
Electronic Commerce Systems COMP2002 Unit
Emerging Technology in Business ISYS5001 Unit
Energy and Power Systems MANI3002 Unit
Engineering Applications MECH3009 Unit
Engineering Capstone Project ENGN4003 Unit
Engineering Capstone Project ENGN4011 Unit
Engineering Capstone Project 2 CIVL3010 Unit
Engineering Dynamics MECH2003 Unit
Engineering for a Sustainable Future ENGN6001 Unit
Engineering for Resilient Catchments and Floodplains ENGN4005 Unit
Engineering Governance ENGN1004 Unit
Engineering Honours Research Proposal ENGN4001 Unit
Engineering in Dynamic Coastal Environments ENGN4006 Unit
Engineering Industry Project I ENGN3004 Unit
Engineering Industry Project II ENGN3005 Unit
Engineering Management for a Sustainable Future ENGN6002 Unit
Engineering Modelling and Experimentation I ENGN1002 Unit
Engineering Modelling and Experimentation II ENGN2004 Unit
Engineering Professional Practice Thesis 1 ENGN4009 Unit
Engineering Professional Practice Thesis 2 ENGN4010 Unit
Engineering Project Management and Professional Ethics ENGN4004 Unit
Engineering Research Project 1 CIVL4003 Unit
Engineering Research Project 2 CIVL4004 Unit
Engineering Research Project Extension I ENGN4007 Unit
Engineering Research Project Extension II ENGN4008 Unit
Engineering Technology and Design ENGN1003 Unit
Engineering Thesis II ENGN4002 Unit
Environmental Chemistry CHEM2001 Unit
Environmental Engineering in Construction Systems ENGN5001 Unit
Environmental Engineering in Industrial Systems ENGN5002 Unit
Environmental Sustainability in Construction ENGN1001 Unit
Essentials of Information and Communication Technology INFO1001 Unit
Expert and Intelligent Systems and Applications COMP6006 Unit
Finite Element Method and Fracture Mechanics MECH3003 Unit
Fire Ecology and Management FORS5008 Unit
Fire Ecology and Management FORS2001 Unit
Fish Ecology and Aquaculture MRNE2008 Unit
Fisheries and Marine Parks Management MRNE3007 Unit
Fluid Dynamics CIVL2017 Unit
Fluids Engineering MECH3005 Unit
Forest Modelling and Management FORS6001 Unit
Forest Operations FORS5006 Unit
Forest Operations and Infrastructure Management FORS6005 Unit
Forest Operations and Technology FORS2010 Unit
Foundations of Computing COMP1002 Unit
Frontiers in Marine Science I - Biological Systems and Management MRNE6002 Unit
Frontiers in Marine Science II - Physical and Chemical Oceanography ERTH6001 Unit
Fundamentals of Programming PROG5001 Unit
Genetics BIOL2001 Unit
Geographical Information Systems GENG5001 Unit
Geotechnical Engineering CIVL3003 Unit
Humanitarian Projects CIVL1002 Unit
Hydraulic Design and Modelling CIVL3007 Unit
Hydraulic Engineering CIVL3004 Unit
Hydraulic Engineering Fundamentals CIVL2010 Unit
Hydrogeology ERTH4001 Unit
ICT Professional Practice EDUC6020 Unit
Impactful Science and Practice I SCIN3002 Unit
Impactful Science and Practice II SCIN3003 Unit
Industrial Robotics Systems MANI2002 Unit
Industry Internship I - Placement INFO2002 Unit
Industry Internship I - Practice INFO2003 Unit
Industry Internship II INFO3001 Unit
Industry Internship III INFO3002 Unit
Information Systems Analysis and Design ISYS5002 Unit
Information Systems Security Management ISYS6005 Unit
Information Technology Project ISYS3005 Unit
Information Technology Project A ISYS3007 Unit
Information Technology Project B ISYS3008 Unit
Integrated Project SCIN3004 Unit
Integrated Water Cycle Management Systems CIVL3009 Unit
Internet Engineering ISYS6006 Unit
Internship Study ENVR3003 Unit
Introduction to 3D Computer Aided Design CIVL2012 Unit
Introduction to Computer Aided Design and Drafting CIVL1012 Unit
Introduction to Engineering Materials MATS1001 Unit
Introduction to Forest Science and Management FORS1001 Unit
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems GENG1003 Unit
Introduction to Mechanical Design and Manufacturing MECH2002 Unit
Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture AGRC1003 Unit
Introduction to Solid Mechanics CIVL2011 Unit
Introductory Algebra and Calculus MATH1005 Unit
Invertebrate Life MRNE2009 Unit
IT Entrepreneurship and Innovation ISYS6008 Unit
Land Degradation and Rehabilitation ENVR5001 Unit
Machine Element Design MECH3002 Unit
Managing Digital Enterprise (Online) COMP6005 Unit
Managing Software Development ISYS3001 Unit
Managing Software Development Projects PROG6001 Unit
Marine Communities as Sentinels of Change MRNE5002 Unit
Marine Mammals: Biology and Conservation MRNE5008 Unit
Marine Megafauna MRNE3008 Unit
Marine Pollution MRNE5007 Unit
Marine Science and Management MRNE1001 Unit
Mechanical Engineering Systems MECH3008 Unit
Mechanical Systems Design MECH4002 Unit
Mechanics of Materials CIVL2015 Unit
Minor Thesis (Part 1 of 2) FORS6002 Unit
Minor Thesis (Part 2 of 2) FORS6003 Unit
Modern Internal Combustion Engines MECH4003 Unit
Multivariate Calculus and Differential Equations MATH3001 Unit
Native Forest Silviculture FORS2011 Unit
Native Forests Silviculture FORS5007 Unit
Network Management COMP2001 Unit
Object Oriented Programming PROG2004 Unit
Ocean Change Biology MRNE3003 Unit
Ocean Change Biology MRNE5001 Unit
Oceanography MRNE2010 Unit
Organisms and Environments SCIN1005 Unit
Pervasive and Immersive User Experience ISYS6001 Unit
Pest and Disease Management FORS3007 Unit
Physics PHYS1003 Unit
Physics I: Motion, Mechanics and Waves PHYS1004 Unit
Physics II: Electricity and Circuits PHYS2001 Unit
Physics III: Energy and Thermodynamics PHYS2002 Unit
Planning and Delivering Engineering Projects ENGN1005 Unit
Planning Rural Landscapes AGRC3004 Unit
Plant Biology AGRC2007 Unit
Planted Trees and Forests FORS3005 Unit
Planted Trees and Forests in the Landscape FORS6006 Unit
Policy and Legislation for Waste Management ENGN2002 Unit
Postgraduate Independent Study - Science I ENVR6002 Unit
Postgraduate Independent Study - Science II ENVR6003 Unit
Postgraduate Independent Study - Science III ENVR6004 Unit
Postgraduate Independent Study - Science IV ENVR6005 Unit
Postgraduate Practice and Experience MRNE6004 Unit
Principles of Stormwater and Drainage Management ENVR2010 Unit
Principles of User Experience Design ISYS5003 Unit
Processes and Philosophy of Engineering CIVL1003 Unit
Programming I PROG1001 Unit
Programming II PROG2007 Unit
Programming Internet of Things PROG6002 Unit
Programming Mobile and Cloud Systems PROG6003 Unit
Programming Mobile Systems PROG2005 Unit
Protected Area Management ENVR5005 Unit
Protected Area Management ENVR3004 Unit
Rainfall-Runoff Modelling CIVL2016 Unit
Reefs MRNE3006 Unit
Regenerative Agricultural Practices AGRC2006 Unit
Regenerative Agricultural Principles and Practice AGRC5001 Unit
Regenerative Agricultural Strategies AGRC3003 Unit
Regional and Urban Transport Planning CIVL1004 Unit
Renewable Materials and Bioenergy Science FORS5011 Unit
Research Project I ENVR6006 Unit
Research Project II ENVR6007 Unit
Resource Recovery - Chemical and Engineering Solutions ENGN2003 Unit
Resources for User Interaction ISYS2001 Unit
Risk and Resilience Engineering PBHL5002 Unit
Road and Pavement Design CIVL1011 Unit
Road Transport Systems CIVL2019 Unit
Routing and WAN Technologies COMP2005 Unit
Science and Global Challenges ENVR1001 Unit
Science Honours Thesis 1 SCIN4004 Unit
Science Honours Thesis 2 SCIN4005 Unit
Science Honours Thesis 3 SCIN4006 Unit
Science Honours Thesis 4 SCIN4007 Unit
Science Honours Thesis 5 SCIN4008 Unit
Science Honours Thesis 6 SCIN4009 Unit
Science Honours Thesis I ENVR4002 Unit
Science Honours Thesis II ENVR4003 Unit
Science Honours Thesis III ENVR4004 Unit
Scientific Data Management and Analysis STAT1002 Unit
Scientific Research Context, Perspective and Methods 1 SCIN4002 Unit
Scientific Research Context, Perspective and Methods 2 SCIN4003 Unit
Scientific Research, Context, Perspective and Method ENVR4001 Unit
Securing Networks COMP2003 Unit
Smart Farming Systems AGRC5003 Unit
Smart Liveable Cities PLAN5001 Unit
Smart Manufacturing Systems MANF2001 Unit
Smart Sensing and Control Systems MANI2001 Unit
Social and Economic Perspectives in Resource Recovery ENGN3002 Unit
Soil Management for Biodiversity AGRC6001 Unit
Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics CIVL2022 Unit
Soil Mechanics Fundamentals CIVL2014 Unit
Soil Processes SOIL5001 Unit
Soil Processes SOIL2001 Unit
Stakeholder Engagement PROJ6007 Unit
Stakeholder Engagement in Engineering PROJ5005 Unit
Statics of Solids and Fluids ENGN2005 Unit
Storytelling and Data Visualisation INFO2001 Unit
Strategic Asset Management PROJ5006 Unit
Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management PROJ5004 Unit
Supporting Change in Regenerative Systems ENVR6009 Unit
Surveying Fundamentals GENG1002 Unit
Sustainable Engineering Systems CIVL3012 Unit
Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas MRNE5009 Unit
Sustainable Use of the Marine Environment MRNE3004 Unit
Sustainable Use of the Marine Environment MRNE5005 Unit
Switching and Wireless Networks COMP2006 Unit
Systems Analysis and Design ISYS1005 Unit
Systems Security and Operation COMP2004 Unit
Tendering for Civil Construction Projects CIVL1010 Unit
Tendering Project ENGN3003 Unit
Thermal Engineering MECH3007 Unit
Thermodynamics MECH3006 Unit
Topics in Big Data Analytics COMP6009 Unit
Traffic and Road Safety Engineering CIVL2008 Unit
Trauma and Resilience II CSL72002 Unit
User Experience Evaluation and Analysis ISYS3004 Unit
Waste as a Resource PLAN3001 Unit
Waste Technology CIVL2007 Unit
Water and Catchment Management ENVR3001 Unit
Water and Wastewater Engineering CIVL3005 Unit
Water Cycle Systems CIVL2018 Unit
Web Development I ISYS1001 Unit
Web Development II PROG2002 Unit
Wildlife Conservation ENVR5002 Unit
Wildlife Conservation ENVR2002 Unit
Wood Science and Utilisation FORS2012 Unit

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