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3D Printing and Fabrication ARTD1008 Unit
3D Studies I: Material Processes and Visual Language ART10005 Unit
3D Studies II: Sustainable Practices ART30011 Unit
3D Studies III: Self-initiated Project (Research) ART30012 Unit
3D Studies IV: Advanced Studio Project (Exhibition) ART30013 Unit
Advanced Design DSGN3001 Unit
Advanced Digital Imaging ARTD3005 Unit
Advanced Live Sound Production MUS10551 Unit
Advanced Musicianship MUS10544 Unit
Advanced Recording Studio Production MUS10552 Unit
Advanced Sceen Production MDIA3001 Unit
Advanced Social Research SOC30001 Unit
Advanced Songwriting and Arrangement MUS10547 Unit
Advanced Studies in Western Art and Contemporary Music MUS10525 Unit
Advanced Studio Practice I ARTD3002 Unit
Advanced Studio Practice II ARTD3003 Unit
Advanced Studio Practice II ARTD3006 Unit
Advanced Theories of Contemporary Art ARTD3001 Unit
Advocacy and Change SOY10108 Unit
Analysing Policy Problems POLT2004 Unit
Analysing Policy Problems POL20001 Unit
Animation Theory and Practice COMM2003 Unit
Applied Musicianship MUS10505 Unit
Art after 1960 ARTD2004 Unit
Art and Health ARTD1003 Unit
Artists' Books ARTD2005 Unit
Arts Industry Studies CAR10503 Unit
Arts Research Thesis (Stage 1 of 3) COM40006 Unit
Arts Research Thesis (Stage 2 of 3) COM40007 Unit
Arts Research Thesis (Stage 3 of 3) COM40008 Unit
Australia, Asia and the World CUL00210 Unit
Australian Cultural History CLST2003 Unit
Australian Politics POLT1001 Unit
Australian Visual Cultures ART00602 Unit
Best Practice Indigenous Community Engagement CMM03310 Unit
Borderlands: Identity, Culture and Belonging CLST3002 Unit
Caring for Kuntri: Indigenous Environmental Management SOY00419 Unit
Caring for Kuntri: Indigenous Environmental Management CUL03313 Unit
Case Management and Care Planning WELF2005 Unit
Ceramic Production ARTD2007 Unit
Chinese Language IA LAN10001 Unit
Chinese Language IB LAN10002 Unit
Chinese Language IIA LAN20001 Unit
Chinese Language IIB LAN20002 Unit
Communication Design DSGN2003 Unit
Community Development BHS00130 Unit
Community Education and Communication for Emergencies BHS00362 Unit
Community Engagement Project COMM3001 Unit
Community History Research Project HIST3001 Unit
Community Partnerships for Social Change II COM30002 Unit
Community Project Management SOY00204 Unit
Consultation and Participation CSL00164 Unit
Contemporary Australian Indigenous Issues CUL00402 Unit
Contemporary Debates in Visual Culture ART00498 Unit
Contemporary Music Theory I MUS00620 Unit
Contemporary Music Theory II MUS00621 Unit
Contemporary Reading and Writing Practices WRIT5001 Unit
Counselling Theory and Practice CSL00231 Unit
Creative Arts Research Thesis (Stage 1 of 3) CAR40003 Unit
Creative Arts Research Thesis (Stage 2 of 3) CAR40004 Unit
Creative Arts Research Thesis (Stage 3 of 3) CAR40005 Unit
Creative Music Practice I MUSC1001 Unit
Creative Music Practice II MUSC1002 Unit
Creative Music Practice III MUSC2005 Unit
Creative Music Practice IV MUSC2007 Unit
Creative Music Practice V MUSC3001 Unit
Creative Music Practice VI MUSC3002 Unit
Creative Nonfiction WRIT5004 Unit
Creativity and Arts Industries CAR10001 Unit
Critical Thinking for Digital Times SOC10399 Unit
Cultural and Spiritual Well-Being CSL00416 Unit
Cultural Studies Research Project HUM00275 Unit
Culture, Technology and the Senses CLST2001 Unit
Curating Contemporary Culture CUR30001 Unit
Cyborg, Virus, Algorithm: Concepts for Media Practice MDIA3002 Unit
Design ART00630 Unit
Design Fundamentals DSGN1001 Unit
Design Thinking DSGN2001 Unit
Deviance in Society SOCI1003 Unit
Digital Art and Design I ART10094 Unit
Digital Art and Design II ART10095 Unit
Digital Art and Design III ART10096 Unit
Digital Media Practices MDIA1003 Unit
Digital Photography I ART10275 Unit
Disability and Community Practice WEL30002 Unit
Disability and Community Practice WELF3003 Unit
Disaster Preparedness and Prevention BHS00364 Unit
Doctoral Thesis ART89010 Unit
Doctoral Thesis CSL89003 Unit
Doctoral Thesis SOC89020 Unit
Doctoral Thesis COM89008 Unit
Doctoral Thesis MUS89009 Unit
Doctoral Thesis SOC89002 Unit
Doing Cultural Studies CLST1003 Unit
Doing Social Research SOCI2006 Unit
Drawing ARTD1001 Unit
EcoCultural Studies CLST3003 Unit
Economy, Ecology, and Social Life: Local and Global Perspectives SOC20002 Unit
Effective Communication COMM1003 Unit
Ensemble Direction and Arranging MUS10546 Unit
Ensemble I MUS10541 Unit
Ensemble II MUS10542 Unit
Ensemble III MUS10543 Unit
Environmental Politics POLT3003 Unit
Essential Screen Skills MDIA2002 Unit
Field Education I WELF2001 Unit
Field Education II WELF3001 Unit
Film Studies MDIA2006 Unit
Framing Modernity ART00601 Unit
From the Bard to Bart: Media and Popular Culture COM10499 Unit
Gender, Sexuality and Culture CLST2004 Unit
Gender, Sexuality and Culture HUM10400 Unit
Global Inequality SOCI2001 Unit
Global Social Movements POLT2003 Unit
History of Invasion of Aboriginal Nations CUL00420 Unit
Honours Research I COMM4002 Unit
Honours Research II COMM4003 Unit
Honours Research III COMM4004 Unit
Hot Topics: Feature Journalism MDIA2003 Unit
Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples CUL03311 Unit
Human Services Organisations - Power and Practice SOY10107 Unit
Ideas and Ideals in Politics POLT2001 Unit
Independent Project COMM3004 Unit
Independent Study - College of Indigenous Australian Peoples I IST00211 Unit
Independent Study - College of Indigenous Australian Peoples II IST00212 Unit
Independent Study - College of Indigenous Australian Peoples III IST00213 Unit
Independent Study - College of Indigenous Australian Peoples IV IST00214 Unit
Independent Study - Human Services I IST00365 Unit
Independent Study - Human Services II IST00366 Unit
Independent Study - Human Services III IST00367 Unit
Independent Study - Human Services IV IST00368 Unit
Independent Study - Music I IST00421 Unit
Independent Study - Music II IST00422 Unit
Indigenous Conflict Management Skills IHE03384 Unit
Instrumental Techniques I MUSC1010 Unit
Instrumental Techniques II MUSC1011 Unit
International Community Development POL00131 Unit
International Exchange I EXCH0043 Unit
International Exchange I EXCH0027 Unit
International Exchange I EXCH0035 Unit
International Exchange II EXCH0036 Unit
International Exchange II EXCH0028 Unit
International Exchange II EXCH0044 Unit
International Exchange III EXCH0029 Unit
International Exchange III EXCH0045 Unit
International Exchange III EXCH0037 Unit
International Exchange IV EXCH0038 Unit
International Exchange IV EXCH0046 Unit
International Exchange IV EXCH0030 Unit
International Exchange V EXCH0039 Unit
International Exchange V EXCH0031 Unit
International Exchange V EXCH0047 Unit
International Exchange VI EXCH0040 Unit
International Exchange VI EXCH0048 Unit
International Exchange VI EXCH0032 Unit
International Exchange VII EXCH0033 Unit
International Exchange VII EXCH0049 Unit
International Exchange VII EXCH0041 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXCH0034 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXCH0042 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXCH0050 Unit
International Indigenous Issues CUL00410 Unit
Introduction to Creative Writing WRIT1002 Unit
Introduction to Editing and Publishing WRIT3002 Unit
Introduction to Music Technology MUS00497 Unit
Introduction to Social Welfare SOY10105 Unit
Introduction to Sociology SOCI1001 Unit
Introduction to Visual Culture ART00600 Unit
Introduction to Written Texts ENG00400 Unit
Issues and Themes in Contemporary Writing WRIT2001 Unit
Issues in Disaster Management BHS00363 Unit
Issues of Protection WELF3002 Unit
Issues of Protection CSL10297 Unit
Journalism in the Digital Age MDIA1004 Unit
Justice in World Politics POLT3002 Unit
Life Drawing and Figuration ARTD2009 Unit
Literary Studies: Reading Culture WRIT5002 Unit
Local Government POLT2002 Unit
Looking at Art ARTD1007 Unit
Making History HIST1001 Unit
Making Radio and Podcasts MDIA2004 Unit
Managing Conflict CSL00120 Unit
Media Project COMM3003 Unit
Media Studies MDIA1001 Unit
Mental Health WELF3004 Unit
Modern Art and the Avant-Garde ARTD2002 Unit
Monitoring and Evaluation of Emergency Management SOC00368 Unit
Mould Making and Casting Fundamentals ARTD2006 Unit
Music Industry Landscapes MUSC1008 Unit
Music Practice I MUS10501 Unit
Music Practice II MUS10502 Unit
Music Practice III MUS10503 Unit
Music Practice IV MUS10504 Unit
Musicianship I MUSC1003 Unit
Musicianship II MUSC1004 Unit
Musicianship III MUSC2002 Unit
Musicianship IV MUSC3004 Unit
Musicianship V MUSC3003 Unit
Networked Society SOCI2002 Unit
Non-Standard Lives: Work and Family in Australia SOCI2003 Unit
Oceans of Sound: Global Music Cultures in the 21st Century MUSC3010 Unit
Online Journalism COM10111 Unit
Online Media Design COM00455 Unit
Painting Essentials ARTD1002 Unit
Painting I: Material Processes and Visual Language ART10003 Unit
Painting II: Sustainable Practices ART30005 Unit
Painting III: Self-initiated Project (Research) ART30006 Unit
Painting IV: Advanced Studio Project (Exhibition) ART30007 Unit
Painting Representation and Narrative ARTD2008 Unit
Peace, War and International Politics POLT3001 Unit
Performance I MUS10531 Unit
Performance II MUS10532 Unit
Performance III MUS10533 Unit
Performance IV MUS10534 Unit
Perspectives of Community Development BHS00360 Unit
Perspectives on Australia CLST1001 Unit
Photography and Digital Imaging AAD71104 Unit
Photography II ART00456 Unit
Planning and Delivering Human Services WELF3005 Unit
Poetics WRI82006 Unit
Political and Economic Contexts of Communities and Disasters BHS00361 Unit
Printmaking Fundamentals ARTD1005 Unit
Printmaking I: Material Processes and Visual Language ART10004 Unit
Printmaking II: Sustainable Practices ART30008 Unit
Printmaking III: Self-initiated Project (Research) ART30009 Unit
Printmaking IV: Advanced Studio Project (Exhibition) ART30010 Unit
Professional Placement COM00471 Unit
Professional Practice ARTD3004 Unit
Race and Racism SOC00417 Unit
Religions and the State SOCI2004 Unit
Research for Social Work SWRK6003 Unit
Research Methods for Arts and Social Sciences COMM4001 Unit
Screen Sound MUSC3009 Unit
Screenwriting COMM2002 Unit
Sculpture and Spatial Practice ARTD1006 Unit
Short Story Writing WRIT2004 Unit
Social Dimensions of Disasters BHS00366 Unit
Social Planning SOC00107 Unit
Social Policy SOCI1005 Unit
Social Policy SOC00112 Unit
Social Policy and Law for Social Work SWRK5003 Unit
Social Science Thesis (Stage 1 of 3) SOC40009 Unit
Social Science Thesis (Stage 2 of 3) SOC40010 Unit
Social Science Thesis (Stage 3 of 3) SOC40011 Unit
Social Work across the Lifespan SWRK6001 Unit
Social Work Direct Practice I SWRK5002 Unit
Social Work Direct Practice I WEL91004 Unit
Social Work Direct Practice II SWRK5004 Unit
Social Work Field Placement Ia SWRK5005 Unit
Social Work Field Placement Ib SWRK5006 Unit
Social Work Field Placement IIa SWRK6005 Unit
Social Work Field Placement IIb SWRK6006 Unit
Social Work Foundations for Practice SWRK5001 Unit
Social Work Foundations for Practice WEL91003 Unit
Social Work in Groups and Communities SWRK6002 Unit
Social Work Organisations, Leadership and Management SWRK6004 Unit
Society, Health and Illness SOCI2005 Unit
Songwriting MUS00630 Unit
Sound Production I MUSC1007 Unit
Sound Production II MUSC2006 Unit
Sound Production III MUSC3011 Unit
Sound Theory and Recording Technique MUS10508 Unit
Sounds, Beats and the Home Studio MUS10548 Unit
Sounds, Styles and Cultures MUSC1009 Unit
Space, Place and Travel CLST2005 Unit
Specialist Studies I MUSC1005 Unit
Specialist Studies II MUSC1006 Unit
Specialist Studies III MUSC2003 Unit
Specialist Studies IV MUSC2004 Unit
Specialist Studies V MUSC3005 Unit
Specialist Studies VI MUSC3006 Unit
Studies in Western Art Music MUSC3007 Unit
Studio Drawing I ART00406 Unit
Studio Drawing II ART00407 Unit
Studio Drawing III ART00408 Unit
Studio Elective I (Visual Arts) ART00641 Unit
Studio Practice I ARTD2001 Unit
Studio Practice II ARTD2003 Unit
The Big Picture: Global Media COM00446 Unit
The Independent Musician MUS10507 Unit
The Nature of Narrative: Self, Time, Place and the Environment WRIT2002 Unit
The Nature of Narrative: Self, Time, Place and the Environment WRI10002 Unit
The Portfolio Career Musician MUSC3008 Unit
The Rebirth of Frankenstein: Media and New Technologies Studies COM00447 Unit
Theories of Text and Culture WRIT3001 Unit
Time-Based Art and New Media Culture CAR10002 Unit
Trauma Informed Practice WELF2003 Unit
True Stories: Video Journalism COM10081 Unit
Understanding Community SOCI1002 Unit
Unruly Subjects: Citizenship CLST1005 Unit
US History: From Reconstruction to Globalization HIST1002 Unit
Video Journalism MDIA2005 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies I: Foundation ART10001 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies I: Foundation ART00621 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies II ART00622 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies II: Foundation ART10002 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies III ART00623 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies III: Emerging Practices ART30001 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies IV ART00624 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies IV: Sustainable Practices ART30002 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies V ART00625 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies V: Self-initiated Project (Research) ART30003 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies VI ART00626 Unit
Visual Arts Studio Studies VI: Self-initiated Project (Exhibition) ART30004 Unit
Visual Communication and Design MDIA1002 Unit
Writing Across the Genres WRIT5003 Unit
Writing as a Profession WRI83006 Unit
Writing for Performance WRIT2008 Unit
Writing for Young People WRIT2006 Unit
Writing from the Edge WRIT3003 Unit
Writing Genre ENG00411 Unit
Writing Lives WRIT2003 Unit
Writing Place: Landscapes, Memory, History HIST2001 Unit
Writing Poetry WRIT2007 Unit
Writing Project ENG00408 Unit
Writing Project A (Research and Writing) WRIT6001 Unit
Writing Project B (Writing as Research) WRIT6002 Unit
Written Communication WRIT1003 Unit
Youth Work WELF2002 Unit

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