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Abnormal Psychology BHS30002 Unit
Accountability and Clinical Reasoning HLT83006 Unit
Acute Mental Health NRS83004 Unit
Advanced Exercise Physiology BIO00204 Unit
Advanced Fieldwork HLT10600 Unit
Advanced Nutrition and Disease NUT00217 Unit
Advanced Pharmacology for Podiatrists PHA30001 Unit
Advanced Practice I CMM03381 Unit
Advanced Practice II CMM03382 Unit
Advanced Seminars in Psychology (Part 1 of 2) BHS40011 Unit
Advanced Seminars in Psychology (Part 2 of 2) BHS40012 Unit
Advanced Sport and Exercise Psychology BHS10495 Unit
Advanced Therapeutic Massage: Lymphatic Technique and Physical Activity HLT10116 Unit
Advanced Therapeutic Massage: Myofascial Techniques HLT10117 Unit
Advanced Topics in Health Science Research HEA81002 Unit
Advanced Topics in Professional Psychology BHS83002 Unit
Advanced Visceral Anatomy SCI10474 Unit
Aged Services CSL10554 Unit
Ageing in Contemporary Society CSL10553 Unit
Allied Health and Telehealth in Rural, Regional and Remote Settings HLT91002 Unit
Allied Health Honours Seminar I HLT83001 Unit
Allied Health Honours Seminar II HLT83002 Unit
Allied Health Honours Thesis I HLT83003 Unit
Allied Health Honours Thesis II HLT83004 Unit
Analysis of Multivariate Behavioural Data MAT83001 Unit
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Head and Neck BIO20001 Unit
Applied Biomechanics BIO00324 Unit
Applied Clinical Exercise Physiology I CEP03364 Unit
Applied Clinical Exercise Physiology II CEP03368 Unit
Applied Clinical Exercise Physiology III CEP03369 Unit
Applied Leadership in Mental Health Clinical Practice MHN93002 Unit
Applied Research and Evaluation for the Psychological Scientist-Practitioner MAT83002 Unit
Applied Research and Evaluation Methods for Health Sciences MAT82001 Unit
Appraising and Applying Research Findings Across Disciplines SPT20003 Unit
Appraising Evidence PBH91001 Unit
Approaches to Healthy Ageing CMM03251 Unit
Assessment and Intervention of Communication and Swallowing for Adults: External Clinic SPT40002 Unit
Assessment and Intervention of Communication and Swallowing for Adults: External Clinic SPT40001 Unit
Assessment and Return to Work Planning in Occupational Rehabilitation HLT91001 Unit
Autonomous Primary Health Care Midwifery Practice MWF93001 Unit
Behaviour Change BHS30006 Unit
Biochemistry CHE00002 Unit
Bioinformatics BIO73020 Unit
Biomechanics and Kinesiology BIO00209 Unit
Biomechanics of Gait BIO20002 Unit
Biostatistics for Health Professionals MAT03372 Unit
Birth Territory and Midwifery Guardianship MWF93002 Unit
Care Management and Leadership NRS30004 Unit
Cellular and Neuropathophysiology BIO10454 Unit
Chemistry for Health Sciences CHE10700 Unit
Child Language and Literacy: Theory and Practice SPT20006 Unit
Chronic Illness and Nursing Care NRS72003 Unit
Clinical Accountability: Principles and Practice HEA03416 Unit
Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning NRS20002 Unit
Clinical Diagnosis I HLT00274 Unit
Clinical Diagnosis II HLT00275 Unit
Clinical Herbal Medicine HLT00267 Unit
Clinical Homeopathy HLT00263 Unit
Clinical Leaders as Clinical Innovators HEA03414 Unit
Clinical Nursing III NRS10465 Unit
Clinical Nursing IV NRS10466 Unit
Clinical Nursing V NRS10468 Unit
Clinical Nursing VI NRS10470 Unit
Clinical Practicum in Naturopathy I HLT10511 Unit
Clinical Practicum in Naturopathy II HLT10512 Unit
Clinical Reasoning and Assessment Skills NRS82001 Unit
Clinical Studies I HLT10118 Unit
Clinical Studies II HLT10119 Unit
Clinical Teaching and Supervision TCH03409 Unit
Clinics in Multimodal Intervention: Internal HLT30002 Unit
Communication Development Across the Lifespan SPT72002 Unit
Communication Skills for Health Sciences HLT10583 Unit
Complex Challenges in Nursing Care NRS30005 Unit
Conducting Behavioural Research I: Non-experimental Designs BHS72001 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Psychology BHS11004 Unit
Contemporary Mental Health NRS83001 Course
Creating Person Centred Organisational Change PBH82101 Unit
Critical Reflection for Health Workers CMM03160 Unit
Cross Cultural and Indigenous Issues in Psychology BHS30005 Unit
Developing Skills in Contemporary Psychotherapies MHN93001 Unit
Development across the Lifespan BHS30003 Unit
Diabetes Management in Health Systems and Settings CMM81003 Unit
Diabetes Self-management Education Theory and Practice CMM81002 Unit
Diagnostic Intake Clinic: Advanced and Interdisciplinary Practice (Internal) HLT83005 Unit
Doctoral Thesis NRS89014 Unit
Doctoral Thesis HLT89016 Unit
Doctoral Thesis HEA89015 Unit
Doctoral Thesis BHS89019 Unit
Education, Leisure and Play Occupations HLT10595 Unit
Enhancing and Expanding Practice NRS82003 Unit
Enquiry and Critique in Health CMM10469 Unit
Environmental Psychology BHS30008 Unit
Essentials of Nursing and Care NRS71005 Unit
Ethics and Professional Issues (Part 1 of 2) BHS40007 Unit
Ethics and Professional Issues (Part 2 of 2) BHS40008 Unit
Ethics, Human Rights and Health Law CMM03374 Unit
Evaluation of Mental Health Services: Prevention to Rehabilitation CMM00004 Unit
Evaluation of Occupational Therapy Programs HLT10594 Unit
Evidence-based Health Practice HLT91061 Unit
Evidence-Based Practice CMM03140 Unit
Exercise and Cardiopulmonary Health CEP03362 Unit
Exercise and Metabolic and Psychological Health CEP03366 Unit
Exercise and Musculoskeletal Health CEP03363 Unit
Exercise and Neurological, Neuromuscular and Immunological Health CEP03367 Unit
Exercise Biochemistry and Drugs in Sport BIO00326 Unit
Exercise Physiology BIO00203 Unit
Exercise Physiology for Healthy Individuals BIO10497 Unit
Exercise Physiology for Specific Populations BIO10496 Unit
Exercise Psychology HEA00332 Unit
Family Health Nursing NRS10456 Unit
Fluency: Theory and Practice SPT30004 Unit
Food and Nutrition in Health NUT00214 Unit
Food and the Environment Study Project ENV10705 Unit
Food Ecology ENV10702 Unit
Food Science SCI10703 Unit
Foot and Ankle Surgery PDT30004 Unit
Formation Based Learning: Acute Health Breakdown NRS30003 Unit
Formation Based Learning: Chronic Illness and Nursing Care NRS20004 Unit
Formation Based Learning: Primary Care NRS20001 Unit
Formation Based Learning: Transitions in Health NRS30006 Unit
Foundations to Nursing NRS20006 Unit
Functional Anatomy of the Lower Limbs and Foot and Ankle BIO10001 Unit
Functional Kinesiology of the Upper Limbs and Trunk BIO10587 Unit
Graduate Studies Project I CMM03260 Unit
Graduate Studies Project II CMM03262 Unit
Graduate Studies Project Part I of II HEA93002 Unit
Graduating Seminar HMS00220 Unit
Healing Childhood Traumatisation HEA10203 Unit
Health and Epidemiology CMM00705 Unit
Health and Human Sciences Research Proposal HEA40001 Unit
Health and Human Sciences Research Thesis (Stage 1 of 3) HEA40002 Unit
Health and Human Sciences Research Thesis (Stage 3 of 3) HEA40004 Unit
Health and Indigenous Australian Peoples CUL00408 Unit
Health and Indigenous Peoples IHE03386 Unit
Health and Indigenous Peoples IHE03387 Unit
Health Assessment NRS71003 Unit
Health Promotion & Wellness CMM71001 Unit
Health Promotion and Primary Health Care HLT83007 Unit
Health Promotion and Primary Health Care HLT10599 Unit
Health Promotion Strategies and Methods I: Theory and Core Strategies CMM03211 Unit
Health Psychology BHS30007 Unit
Health Research Methodology HLT91099 Unit
Health Science Thesis (Stage 3 of 4) HEA40003 Unit
Health Systems Leadership CMM03415 Unit
Health Systems, Policies and Practices CMM93010 Unit
Healthcare Professional Portfolio Part A CMM91010 Unit
Healthy Ageing I CSL10555 Unit
Healthy Ageing II CSL10556 Unit
Herbal Materia Medica HLT00303 Unit
High Acuity Midwifery MWF30001 Unit
Histology and Embryology SCI10473 Unit
History and Foundations of Herbal Medicine HLT00257 Unit
History and Philosophy of Psychology (Part 1 of 2) BHS40009 Unit
History and Philosophy of Psychology (Part 2 of 2) BHS40010 Unit
Home and Community Occupations HLT10590 Unit
Homeopathic Theory and Practice HLT00256 Unit
Human Anatomy BIO01302 Unit
Human Factors BHS30009 Unit
Human Growth, Development and Ageing BIO71001 Unit
Human Physiology BIO00307 Unit
Human Response to Health Breakdown NRS72007 Unit
Independent Study - Health Science I IST00551 Unit
Independent Study - Health Science II IST00552 Unit
Independent Study - Health Science III IST00553 Unit
Independent Study - Health Science IV IST00554 Unit
Independent Study - Psychology I IST00371 Unit
Independent Study - Psychology II IST00372 Unit
Independent Study - Psychology III IST00373 Unit
Independent Study - Psychology IV IST00374 Unit
Indigenous Ways of Cultural Expression CUL00412 Unit
Integrating Science into Midwifery Practice MWF93003 Unit
Intermediate Anatomy and Physiology BIO20003 Unit
Internal Clinical Placement PDT30001 Unit
Internal Clinical Placement PDT20001 Unit
International Exchange I EXE10411 Unit
International Exchange I EXE10371 Unit
International Exchange II EXE10412 Unit
International Exchange II EXE10372 Unit
International Exchange III EXE10373 Unit
International Exchange III EXE10413 Unit
International Exchange IV EXE10414 Unit
International Exchange IV EXE10374 Unit
International Exchange V EXE10375 Unit
International Exchange V EXE10415 Unit
International Exchange VI EXE10416 Unit
International Exchange VI EXE10376 Unit
International Exchange VII EXE10377 Unit
International Exchange VII EXE10417 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXE10418 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXE10378 Unit
Internship HMS00224 Unit
Intraoperative Assisting and Nursing Care NRS00612 Unit
Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder PBH82105 Unit
Introduction to Complementary Medicine HLT10598 Unit
Introduction to Complementary Medicine PHA03148 Unit
Introduction to Evidence for Health Science Practitioners MAT71004 Unit
Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine CMM03254 Unit
Introduction to Occupational Therapy and Human Occupations HLT10582 Unit
Introduction to Podiatry and Pedorthics PDT10001 Unit
Introduction to Psychology I BHS11001 Unit
Introduction to Psychology II BHS11002 Unit
Introduction to the Speech Pathology Profession SPT10001 Unit
Introduction to Volunteering CSL10557 Unit
Introductory Homeopathy HLT00255 Unit
Introductory Pharmacology PHA00315 Unit
Introductory Physics and Maths for Health Sciences PHY71030 Unit
Laboratory Program in Psychology I SCI11005 Unit
Laboratory Program in Psychology II SCI11006 Unit
Language in Adults: Theory and Practice SPT30003 Unit
Leadership and Management in Health CMM93002 Unit
Leading Change in Healthcare HEA93001 Unit
Learning and Applying Knowledge for Individuals and Groups HLT10586 Unit
Learning and Memory BHS20007 Unit
Lifespan Development and Occupational Transitions HLT10589 Unit
Lifestyle Medicine and Professional Practice CMM03255 Unit
Lower Limb Assessment PDT20004 Unit
Lower Limb Assessment PDT40001 Unit
Lower Limb Medicine I PDT30002 Unit
Lower Limb Medicine II PDT30003 Unit
Management of Chronic and Complex Health Conditions NRS82002 Unit
Managing Diabetes as a Chronic Condition CMM81001 Unit
Marketing and Promotion for Sport Exercise and Allied Health MKT20001 Unit
Masters Thesis HEA79021 Unit
Masters Thesis NRS79020 Unit
Mechanics for Movement BIO00207 Unit
Medical-Surgical Nursing I NRS10455 Unit
Medical-Surgical Nursing II NRS10457 Unit
Medical-Surgical Nursing III NRS10458 Unit
Medical-Surgical Nursing IV NRS10460 Unit
Medicinal Plants: Botany and Applications HLT00302 Unit
Mental Function (Cognition) Assessments and Interventions HLT10593 Unit
Mental Function (Psychosocial) Assessments and Interventions HLT10597 Unit
Mental Health WEL73003 Unit
Mental Health Across the Lifespan NRS83002 Unit
Mental Health and Wellbeing MWF10681 Unit
Mental health in community, nongovernment and primary health settings NRS83003 Unit
Mental Health Nursing Assessment and Intervention NRS10459 Unit
Mental Health Nursing Practice NRS03153 Unit
Methods and Concepts in Psychology BHS11003 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships A MWF10747 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships B MWF20002 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships C MWF20005 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships D MWF73006 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships in Practice I MWF30002 Unit
Midwifery Continuity Partnerships in Practice II MWF30005 Unit
Midwifery Continuity with Women VI MWF10686 Unit
Midwifery Experiential Learning VI MWF10679 Unit
Midwifery Foundations MWF10661 Unit
Midwifery Internship MWF30004 Unit
Midwifery Practice in Complex Childbearing MWF20004 Unit
Mobility and Personal Care Occupations HLT10584 Unit
Models of Mental Health and Mental Illness CMM00002 Unit
Molecular Genetics BIO72025 Unit
Motivation and Compliance in Lifestyle Medicine CMM03256 Unit
Motor Control BIO10493 Unit
Motor Learning HMS00328 Unit
Musculoskeletal and Reduced Energy Assessments and Interventions HLT10588 Unit
Narratives of Health and Illness NRS10734 Unit
Narratives of Health and Illness NRS10733 Unit
Naturopathic Clinic I HLT00278 Unit
Naturopathic Clinic II HLT00279 Unit
Naturopathic Foundations HLT00259 Unit
Neurogenic Speech Disorders in Adults and Children SPT30002 Unit
Neurology for Speech Pathology SPT20004 Unit
Neuroscience SCI10475 Unit
Nursing and Health Promotion CMM10471 Unit
Nursing and Lifespan Health NRS71001 Unit
Nursing in the Australian Context NRS81001 Unit
Nursing Management of Acute Health Breakdown NRS73007 Unit
Nursing Practices NRS20005 Unit
Nutrition across the Lifespan NUT00215 Unit
Nutrition for Health and Physical Activity NUT00330 Unit
Nutrition Physiology BIO10701 Unit
Nutrition Physiology HEA10704 Unit
Nutritional Biochemistry and Human Metabolism NUT00216 Unit
Obesity, Weight Control and Metabolic Health Management CMM03214 Unit
Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice HLT10592 Unit
Optimising Health in Childbearing II MWF20001 Unit
Optimising Health in Complex Childbearing MWF20003 Unit
Organic Chemistry CHE71010 Unit
Orthoses and Bracing PDT20002 Unit
Osteopathic Clinical Practice and Research I OST03322 Unit
Osteopathic Clinical Practice and Research II OST03325 Unit
Osteopathic Clinical Practice and Research III OST03328 Unit
Osteopathic Clinical Practice and Research IV OST03331 Unit
Osteopathic Medicine I OST03321 Unit
Osteopathic Medicine II OST03324 Unit
Osteopathic Medicine III OST03327 Unit
Osteopathic Medicine IV OST03330 Unit
Osteopathic Studies I HLT10481 Unit
Osteopathic Studies II HLT10482 Unit
Osteopathic Studies III HLT10483 Unit
Osteopathic Studies IV HLT10484 Unit
Osteopathic Studies IX OST03329 Unit
Osteopathic Studies V HLT10485 Unit
Osteopathic Studies VI HLT10486 Unit
Osteopathic Studies VII OST03323 Unit
Osteopathic Studies VIII OST03326 Unit
Osteopathic Studies X OST03332 Unit
Overview of Mental Health CMM00001 Unit
Pathophysiology and Diabetes in a Global Context BIO81001 Unit
Pedorthics Clinical Placement I PDT73005 Unit
Pedorthics Clinical Placement II PDT73006 Unit
Pedorthics Clinical Placement III PDT73007 Unit
PEP 1 - Professional Understanding PIE10001 Unit
PEP 2 - Skill Development PIE10002 Unit
PEP 3 - Nursing Primary Care PIE10003 Unit
PEP 4 - Chronic Health Nursing PIE10004 Unit
PEP 5 - Mental Health Nursing PIE10005 Unit
PEP 6 - Acute Health Nursing PIE10006 Unit
PEP 7 - Complex Nursing with a Leadership Element PIE10007 Unit
PEP 8 - Transitions in Health/Nominated Placement Preference PIE10008 Unit
PEPCON 1 - Chronic Health Nursing PIE10009 Unit
PEPCON 2 - Mental Health Nursing PIE10010 Unit
PEPCON 3 - Primary Health PIE10011 Unit
Personality and Social Psychology BHS20006 Unit
Pharmacognosy HLT00266 Unit
Phonetics and Linguistics for Speech Pathology SPT10002 Unit
Physical Health Care in Mental Health NRS93003 Unit
Physical Sciences in Health SCI20001 Unit
Physiological Pathology I BIO00101 Unit
Physiological Pathology II BIO00102 Unit
Physiological Psychology and Sensory Processes BHS30004 Unit
Pitch and Propose: Writing a Research Proposal HEA93003 Unit
Podiatric Anaesthesiology PDT20003 Unit
Population Health: Challenging Health Inequities CMM03375 Unit
Positive Behaviour Support PBH82103 Unit
Postoperative Nursing Care and Professional Issues NRS00613 Unit
Preoperative Assessment and Planning NRS00611 Unit
Preparation for Entry to Practice NRS30002 Unit
Preparation for Graduate Nursing Practice NRS10461 Unit
Primary Health Care and Nursing Practices NRS72005 Unit
Primary Health Care Midwifery MWF10746 Unit
Primary Health Care Midwifery MWF10745 Unit
Primary Health Care Practices and Philosophy NRS81003 Unit
Principles and Practice of Clinical Accountability HEA93020 Unit
Principles and Practice of Pedorthics I PDT20005 Unit
Principles and Practice of Pedorthics II PDT20006 Unit
Principles and Practice of Public Health CMM03371 Unit
Principles and Practices of Sport and Exercise Science HMS00202 Unit
Principles of Behaviour in Physical Activity HEA00331 Unit
Professional Naturopathic Studies HLT00260 Unit
Professional Practice in Clinical Exercise Physiology I CEP03361 Unit
Professional Practice in Clinical Exercise Physiology II CEP03365 Unit
Professional Practice in Sport and Exercise I HMS00225 Unit
Professional Practice in Sport and Exercise II HMS00226 Unit
Professional Practices NRS81002 Unit
Professional Preparation HMS00223 Unit
Program Development and Evaluation CMM03373 Unit
Providing Effective Interventions in Mental Health and Psychiatric Contexts NRS20003 Unit
Psychological and Environmental Influences in Lifestyle Medicine CMM03257 Unit
Psychological Assessment BHS20001 Unit
Psychology and Sociology for Health Sciences BHS10581 Unit
Psychology Honours Thesis I BHS83003 Unit
Psychology Honours Thesis II BHS83004 Unit
Psychology Seminars BHS83001 Unit
Qualitative Research Methods for Health HEA00501 Unit
Quantitative Methods in Psychology BHS20008 Unit
Quantitative Research Methods for Health HEA00502 Unit
Regional Rural Remote Fieldwork HLT10591 Unit
Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage HLT10115 Unit
Research and Analysis in Health MAT00330 Unit
Research and Evidence Based Practice MWF10663 Unit
Research Methods and Applied Project (Part 1 of 2) BHS40005 Unit
Research Methods and Applied Project (Part 2 of 2) BHS40006 Unit
Research Methods in Psychology BHS30001 Unit
Research Thesis (Part 1 of 4) (Sem1) BHS40001 Unit
Research Thesis (Part 2 of 4) (Sem1) BHS40002 Unit
Research Thesis (Part 3 of 4) (Sem2) BHS40003 Unit
Research Thesis (Part 4 of 4) (Sem2) BHS40004 Unit
Responses to an Ageing Population CMM03252 Unit
Secondary Traumatisation HEA10204 Unit
Self-Management and Lifestyle Medicine CMM03379 Unit
Sensory Motor Assessments and Interventions HLT10585 Unit
Simulated and Actual Internal Clinics: Mixed Caseload HLT30001 Unit
Small Business and Entrepreneurship for Allied Health, Fitness and Sport MNG00306 Unit
Social and Emotional Competence in the Workplace CMM91025 Unit
Socially and Emotionally Competent Midwives MWF93004 Unit
Speech, Language and Literacy in Children: Theory and Practice SPT20002 Unit
Speech, Voice and Hearing Sciences SPT20005 Unit
Sport and the Law HMS01202 Unit
Sport Events (Surfing) MNG10193 Unit
Sport Facilities and Events MNG00305 Unit
Sport Management Principles MNG00301 Unit
Sport Marketing MKT00320 Unit
Sport Organisation Leadership MNG00303 Unit
Sport Promotion and Public Relations MKT00205 Unit
Sports Conditioning and Training Methods HMS00203 Unit
Sports Policy and Planning MNG00307 Unit
Strategic Health Management MNG91220 Unit
Strategic Issues in Health Management MNG00755 Unit
Supported Decision Making for Choice and Control PBH82102 Unit
Supporting Behaviour Change in Mental Health Contexts NRS93004 Unit
Supporting People with Disability Going to Work PBH83104 Unit
Surfing Culture SOY10196 Unit
Surfing Technology and Skills ENM10197 Unit
Swallowing Across the Lifespan SPT72001 Unit
Systemic Anatomy BIO10662 Unit
Systems Pathophysiology BIO10467 Unit
Teaching and Supervision in a Clinical Setting TCH93001 Unit
The Ageing Body CMM03250 Unit
The Australian Health Care System CMM10580 Unit
The Biological Effects of Traumatic Stress HEA10201 Unit
The Discipline of Nursing NRS10731 Unit
The Emerging Practitioner NRS73005 Unit
The Mental Health of Australian Indigenous Peoples CUL00409 Unit
The Role of the Midwife as Leader, Mentor and Educator MWF73003 Unit
The Role of the Perioperative Nurse - Surgeon's Assistant NRS00610 Unit
The Social Context of Ageing CMM03253 Unit
The Sociological and Political Basis of Health Care SOC00722 Unit
The Story of Healing/Indigenous Healing HEA10202 Unit
Therapies in Mental Health Care CMM00003 Unit
Trans- and Intergenerational Trauma HEA10200 Unit
Transformative Clinical Practices NRS82005 Unit
Transformative Nursing Practices NRS73009 Unit
Transition to Professional Practice HLT10601 Unit
Transition to Registered Midwife MWF30003 Unit
Utilising Philosophy in Nursing Practice NRS10732 Unit
Utilising Research to Promote Quality in Health Care NRS30001 Unit
Voice: Theory and Practice SPT30001 Unit
Work and Employment Occupations HLT10596 Unit
Working in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Contexts and in Rural and Remote Settings SPT20007 Unit
Working with Women in Complicated Pregnancies and Births MWF10680 Unit
Working with Women in Normal Labour and Birth MWF10675 Unit

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