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Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders and Contemporary Legal Issues LAW03315 Unit
Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders and Contemporary Legal Issues LAW00055 Unit
Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders and the Criminal Justice System LAW00056 Unit
Administrative Law LAW00117 Unit
Advanced Advocacy LAW00516 Unit
Advanced Contract Law LAW93109 Unit
Advanced Intellectual Property LAW93103 Unit
Advanced Legal Research LAW91101 Unit
Advanced Property Law LAW93102 Unit
Advanced Sports Law LAW30002 Unit
Animal Law LAW10487 Unit
Australian Criminal Law I LAW10002 Unit
Australian Criminal Law II LAW10004 Unit
Australian Legal System LAW10157 Unit
Civil Litigation and Procedure LAW72001 Unit
Commercial Law LAW00523 Unit
Company Law LAW00004 Unit
Comparative Law LAW10527 Unit
Competition and Consumer Law LAW00126 Unit
Competition Law LAW93105 Unit
Constitutional Law LAW00112 Unit
Consumer Law LAW93104 Unit
Contract Law I LAW10001 Unit
Contract Law II LAW10003 Unit
Conveyancers Professional Practice LAW00107 Unit
Conveyancing Law LAW00057 Unit
Corporations Law LAW00527 Unit
Criminal Process LAW00050 Unit
Criminal Process 900LAW07 Unit
Criminology LAW00514 Unit
Current International Legal Issues LAW72007 Unit
Cyberlaw LAW00525 Unit
Dispute Resolution and Aboriginal Communities LAW00215 Unit
Dispute Resolution and Aboriginal Communities LAW03314 Unit
Doctoral Thesis LAW89017 Unit
Doctoral Thesis LAW89018 Unit
Drugs, Crime and the Law LAW00061 Unit
EEO and OH&S Law and Practice LAW00106 Unit
Employment and Industrial Relations Law LAW00104 Unit
Entertainment Law LAW10166 Unit
Environmental Law LAW00118 Unit
Equity LAW00115 Unit
Evidence LAW72005 Unit
Evidence and Civil Procedure LAW00114 Unit
Family Law Practice LAW00054 Unit
Foundations of Torts LAW00053 Unit
Global Legal Pluralism LAW73051 Course
Human Rights LAW00522 Unit
Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples CUL00413 Unit
Independent Legal Research LAW00524 Unit
Indigenous Customary Law CUL00414 Unit
Indigenous Jurisprudence LAW72008 Unit
Information Environmentalism LAW73049 Unit
Information Technology and the Law LAW00125 Unit
Intellectual Property LAW00121 Unit
International Business Law LAW00124 Unit
International Criminal Justice LAW00526 Unit
International Exchange I EXE10381 Unit
International Exchange II EXE10382 Unit
International Exchange III EXE10383 Unit
International Exchange IV EXE10384 Unit
International Exchange V EXE10385 Unit
International Exchange VI EXE10386 Unit
International Exchange VII EXE10387 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXE10388 Unit
International Human Rights Law LAW10472 Unit
International Humanitarian Law LAW30003 Unit
International Law LAW00521 Unit
Interviewing, Negotiation and Ethics LAW00128 Unit
Introduction to Business Law LAW00150 Unit
Introduction to Evidence and Advocacy LAW10158 Unit
Introduction to Land Law LAW00052 Unit
Jurisprudence LAW00520 Unit
Law and Government Decision Making LAW10068 Unit
Law of Torts LAW10180 Unit
Law Placement LAW00123 Unit
Law Review LAW00528 Unit
Legal and Conveyancing Practice LAW00108 Unit
Legal Institutions and Processes LAW91100 Unit
Legal Issues in Health and Ageing CSL10559 Unit
Legal Process LAW00111 Unit
Legal Research and Writing LAW00051 Unit
Legal Research: Context, Perspective and Method LAW10181 Unit
Litigation Practice LAW00058 Unit
Local Government and Planning Law LAW00119 Unit
Marine Animal Protection Law LAW10727 Unit
Mediating Across Cultures LAW10171 Unit
Mediation and Dispute Resolution LAW00214 Unit
Mediation Practice and Procedure LAW00216 Unit
Mooting LAW10288 Unit
Paralegal Placement LAW20001 Unit
Principles of Contract Law LAW10159 Unit
Principles of Equity LAW72009 Unit
Professional Conduct LAW00519 Unit
Property Law LAW00116 Unit
Property Principles LAW71005 Unit
Psychiatry Psychology and the Law LAW10207 Unit
Public Interest Advocacy LAW10160 Unit
Race and the Law LAW10170 Unit
Restorative Justice LAW00529 Unit
Statutory Interpretation LAW30005 Unit
Stock Exchange and Finance Law LAW01125 Unit
The Law of Corporate Governance LAW93106 Unit
Veterans Law I LAW10069 Unit
Veterans Law II LAW10070 Unit
Victimology LAW00120 Unit
Welfare Law LAW00059 Unit
Why the State Needs to Kill: law, violence and the production of political authority LAW72011 Unit
Wills and Estates LAW00062 Unit
Wisdom, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property LAW72013 Unit

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