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Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders and Contemporary Legal Issues LAW03315 Unit
Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders and the Criminal Justice System LAW00056 Unit
Advanced Advocacy LAWS2038 Unit
Advanced Property Law LAW93102 Unit
Advanced Sports Law LAWS2046 Unit
Animal Law LAWS2028 Unit
Borders and Boundaries: Writing About Family in the 21st century LAWS2068 Unit
Clinical Legal Experience LAW00122 Unit
Company Law LAW00004 Unit
Comparative Law LAWS2032 Unit
Crimen Exceptum: The English Witch Prosecution in Context LAWS2044 Unit
Criminal Process 900LAW07 Unit
Criminology LAWS2054 Unit
Crossing the Line: Law and Morality in Fiction LAWS2067 Unit
Cyberlaw LAW00525 Unit
Dispute Resolution and Aboriginal Communities LAW03314 Unit
Dispute Resolution and Aboriginal Communities LAW00215 Unit
DNA and the Law JUST2011 Unit
Doctoral Thesis LAW89017 Unit
Doctoral Thesis LAW89018 Unit
Ecological Jurisprudence LAWS2065 Unit
EEO and OH&S Law and Practice JUST2005 Unit
Entertainment Law LAW10166 Unit
Equity LAW00115 Unit
Evidence and Civil Procedure LAW00114 Unit
Global Legal Pluralism LAW73051 Course
Human Rights JUST2004 Unit
Human Rights LAW00522 Unit
Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples CUL00413 Unit
Independent Legal Research Project LAWS6011 Unit
Indigenous Customary Law CUL00414 Unit
Indigenous Jurisprudence LAWS2037 Unit
Information Environmentalism LAWS2042 Unit
Information Technology and the Law LEGL2010 Unit
International Criminal Justice JUST2002 Unit
International Exchange I EXCH0059 Unit
International Exchange II EXCH0060 Unit
International Exchange III EXCH0061 Unit
International Exchange IV EXCH0062 Unit
International Exchange V EXCH0063 Unit
International Exchange VI EXCH0064 Unit
International Exchange VII EXCH0065 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXCH0066 Unit
International Human Rights Law LAWS2059 Unit
International Humanitarian Law LAWS2048 Unit
International Trade and Development Law LAWS2050 Unit
Interviewing, Negotiation and Ethics LAW00128 Unit
Interviewing, Negotiation and Ethics LEGL1002 Unit
Introduction to Business Law LAW00150 Unit
Introduction to Evidence and Advocacy LEGL2006 Unit
Justice Framed: Law in Films and in Graphic Novels/Comics JUST2008 Unit
Law and Government Decision Making LEGL2013 Unit
Law of Torts LAW10180 Unit
Law Placement LAW00123 Unit
Law Review LAW00528 Unit
Legal Institutions and Processes LAW91100 Unit
Legal Issues in Health and Ageing CSL10559 Unit
Litigation Practice LAW00058 Unit
Marine Animal Protection Law LAW10727 Unit
Mediating Across Cultures LEGL2018 Unit
Myths for the Future: Law and Climate Fiction in the 21st Century JUST2010 Unit
Paralegal Placement LAW20001 Unit
Property Law LAW00116 Unit
Race and the Law LAWS2063 Unit
Restorative Justice JUST2003 Unit
Sexual Orientation and the Law LAWS2031 Unit
Shifting Cultural Paradigms: Law and Literature After Postmodernism JUST2006 Unit
Struggles, Movements, and the Idea of Communism POLT2005 Unit
Tax Law LAWS6010 Unit
The Art of Advocacy: Mooting and Performance Rhetoric JUST2012 Unit
The Legalities of Artificial Intelligence JUST2009 Unit
The Philosophy of Law LAW00520 Unit
The Rhetoric of Law LAWS2034 Unit
Veterans Law I LAW10069 Unit
Veterans Law II LAW10070 Unit
Victimology JUST2001 Unit
Why the State Needs to Kill: law, violence and the production of political authority LAW72011 Unit
Wisdom, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property LAWS2049 Unit

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