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Accommodation Operations MNG00431 Unit
Accounting for Business ACC10707 Unit
Accounting for Managers ACC00724 Unit
Accounting for Managers (Online) ACC81210 Unit
Accounting Information Systems and Processes ACC00718 Unit
Accounting Seminar I ACC40001 Unit
Accounting Seminar II ACC40002 Unit
Accounting Seminar III ACC40003 Unit
Accounting Thesis (Part 1 of 3) ACC40004 Unit
Accounting Thesis (Part 2 of 3) ACC40005 Unit
Accounting Thesis (Part 3 of 3) ACC40006 Unit
Advanced Auditing ACC00131 Unit
Advanced Computing Topic A CSC00721 Unit
Advanced Financial Reporting ACC00148 Unit
Advanced Management Accounting ACC73001 Unit
Advanced Research Seminar in Tourism, Hospitality and Events MNG40033 Unit
Advanced Taxation ACC00134 Unit
Aesthetics of Food and Wine HOS03423 Unit
Airport Management MNG73022 Unit
Applications Development CSC00235 Unit
Applied Ethics and Sustainability SOC10236 Unit
Applied Hotel Research HOTL6005 Unit
Asia Pacific Business Environment MNG93001 Unit
Attraction, Recruitment and Retention MNG00791 Unit
Auditing ACC00130 Unit
Aviation Management MNG10697 Unit
Business Accounting ACC00712 Unit
Business and Corporation Law (Online) LAW81110 Unit
Business Events Management MNG00272 Unit
Business Finance ACC00152 Unit
Business Information Systems ACC00153 Unit
Business Internship SOY00247 Unit
Business Internship (Part 1 of 2) SOY10097 Unit
Business Internship (Part 2 of 2) SOY10098 Unit
Business Law and Ethics for Tourism and Hospitality LAW00203 Unit
Business Research Seminar I BUS40001 Unit
Business Research Seminar II BUS40002 Unit
Business Research Thesis (Part 1 of 3) BUS40003 Unit
Business Research Thesis (Part 2 of 3) BUS40004 Unit
Business Research Thesis (Part 3 of 3) BUS40005 Unit
Business Value Analysis FIN10710 Unit
Capstone Project in Tourism and Hospitality MNG03424 Unit
Client/Server Systems ISY00246 Unit
Coaching in the Workplace MNG03121 Unit
Coastal and Marine Tourism MNG10724 Unit
Communication in Organisations COM00207 Unit
Company and Financial Reporting ACC92211 Unit
Company Valuation FIN93001 Unit
Competitive Strategy MNG00114 Unit
Computer Control Auditing and Security ACC00222 Unit
Computing Project I: Analysis and Design ISY10221 Unit
Computing Project II: Development and Implementation ISY10222 Unit
Consumer Behaviour MKT00102 Unit
Contemporary Hotel and Tourism Issues MKT01762 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Accounting ACC00106 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Accounting Theory ACC03032 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Accounting Theory (Online) ACC93112 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Multimedia and Information Technology ISY10212 Unit
Contemporary Tourism Issues SOY00412 Unit
Conventions, Meetings and Exhibitions Management MKT01420 Unit
Corporate Governance ACC03043 Unit
Corporate Governance (Online) ACC93111 Unit
Corporate Governance for Managers (Online) ACC93210 Unit
Corporate Reporting ACC00713 Unit
Creating the Hotel Customer HOTL6002 Unit
Culture and Change Implementation MNG10717 Unit
Cybersecurity CMP71001 Unit
Data Communications and Networks CSC00240 Unit
Database Systems I CSC00228 Unit
Database Systems II ISY10218 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 1 of 16) MNG03051 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 10 of 16) MNG03060 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 11 of 16) MNG03061 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 12 of 16) MNG03062 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 13 of 16) MNG03063 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 14 of 16) MNG03064 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 15 of 16) MNG03065 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 16 of 16) MNG03066 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 2 of 16) MNG03052 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 3 of 16) MNG03053 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 4 of 16) MNG03054 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 5 of 16) MNG03055 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 6 of 16) MNG03056 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 7 of 16) MNG03057 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 8 of 16) MNG03058 Unit
DBA Thesis (Part 9 of 16) MNG03059 Unit
Designing Workforces for Human Resource Management MNG10715 Unit
Digital Marketing MKT10727 Unit
Digital Media I: Images, Text and Interface Design ISY00324 Unit
Digital Media II: Audio-Video Resources and Linear Scriptwriting ISY00325 Unit
Digital Media III ISY00326 Unit
Doctor of Business Administration Research Proposal MNG03264 Unit
Doctor of Business Administration Thesis MNG89022 Unit
Doctor of Education Thesis EDU89022 Unit
Doctor of Indigenous Philosophies Thesis SOC89022 Unit
Doctoral Thesis MNG89004 Unit
Doctoral Thesis CSC89005 Unit
Doctoral Thesis MNG89006 Unit
Doctoral Thesis MNG89007 Unit
Doctoral Thesis MNG89012 Unit
Economic Analysis for Tourism and Hospitality ECO00424 Unit
Economics & Quant Analysis ECO92001 Unit
Economics and Quantitative Analysis ECO82001 Unit
Economics and Quantitative Analysis (Online) ECO82210 Unit
Economics for Decision Making ECO10250 Unit
Economics Seminar I ECO40001 Unit
Economics Seminar II ECO40002 Unit
Economics Thesis (Part 1 of 3) ECO40004 Unit
Economics Thesis (Part 2 of 3) ECO40005 Unit
Economics Thesis (Part 3 of 3) ECO40006 Unit
Electronic Commerce Systems ISY10058 Unit
Emerging Technology in Business CMP91020 Unit
Employment Relationships MNG00725 Unit
Entrepreneurship MNG91002 Unit
Entrepreneurship and Innovation MNG00314 Unit
Entrepreneurship and Marketing MNG00716 Unit
Entrepreneurship and Marketing (Online) MNG91210 Unit
Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality MNG00427 Unit
Environmental Management for Hotels and Attractions MNG00912 Unit
Event Design Principles MNG03358 Unit
Events Management MNG00273 Unit
Export Management MNG10721 Unit
Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Operations MNG01222 Unit
Festival and Special Events Planning MNG00421 Unit
Finance ACC00716 Unit
Finance (Online) FIN91110 Unit
Finance and Investment for Business FIN10708 Unit
Finance for Managers (Online) ACC91210 Unit
Finance Seminar I FIN40001 Unit
Finance Seminar II FIN40002 Unit
Finance Seminar III FIN40003 Unit
Finance Thesis (Part 1 of 3) FIN40004 Unit
Finance Thesis (Part 2 of 3) FIN40005 Unit
Finance Thesis (Part 3 of 3) FIN40006 Unit
Financial Accounting ACC00151 Unit
Financial Analysis for Hotels, Conventions and Events ACC00208 Unit
Financial Derivatives and Risk Management FIN10712 Unit
Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets FIN10254 Unit
Financial Planning FIN10252 Unit
Financial Reporting ACC00145 Unit
Food and Beverage Management SCI00419 Unit
Food and Beverage Operations SCI00428 Unit
Food and Drink in Contemporary Society SOC03418 Unit
Food and Wine Technology HOS03421 Unit
Food and Wine Writing COM03422 Unit
Foodservice Operations HOS10199 Unit
Foundations of Finance FIN10709 Unit
Foundations of Visitor Interpretation MNG10526 Unit
Fundamentals of Gaming Technology Management BUS00212 Unit
Fundamentals of Management MNG00111 Unit
Gaming Management, Planning and Governance BUS00214 Unit
Gastronomic Tourism MNG03419 Unit
Gastronomy and Communication COM03420 Unit
Global Business MNG00723 Unit
Global Business MNG92210 Unit
Global Gaming Impacts BUS00213 Unit
Global Marketing MKT00150 Unit
Global Purchasing Management MNG00756 Unit
Global Tourism MNG10695 Unit
Hazard Management for Events MNG03359 Unit
Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management ACC00207 Unit
Hospitality Services Management MNG00441 Unit
Hospitality: History, Politics and Culture MNG10723 Unit
Hotel Property and Operations HOTL5003 Unit
Human Factors in Aviation MNG73020 Unit
Human Resource and Workplace Management MNG01413 Unit
Human Resource Development MNG00704 Unit
Human Resource Management MNG00724 Unit
Human Resource Management MNG93215 Unit
Human Resource Management Seminar I MNG40013 Unit
Human Resource Management Seminar II MNG40014 Unit
Human Resource Management Thesis (Part 1 of 3) MNG40016 Unit
Human Resource Management Thesis (Part 3 of 3) MNG40018 Unit
Industrial Relations MNG00116 Unit
Industry Research Project MNG93003 Unit
Industry Research Project: Part A MNG93217 Unit
Industry Research Project: Part B MNG93218 Unit
Information Communication Technology Internship I ISY10621 Unit
Information Communication Technology Internship II ISY10622 Unit
Information Communication Technology Internship III ISY10623 Unit
Information Communication Technology Internship IV ISY10624 Unit
Information Systems for Tourism and Hospitality Management MNG00418 Unit
Information Systems Seminar I ISY40001 Unit
Information Systems Seminar II ISY40002 Unit
Information Systems Seminar III ISY40003 Unit
Information Systems Thesis (Part 1 of 3) ISY40004 Unit
Information Systems Thesis (Part 2 of 3) ISY40005 Unit
Information Systems Thesis (Part 3 of 3) ISY40006 Unit
Information Technology Research Thesis (Part 2 of 3) CSC40004 Unit
Information Technology Research Thesis (Stage 1 of 3) CSC40003 Unit
Information Technology Research Thesis (Stage 3 of 3) CSC40005 Unit
Information Technology Research Topic CSC40002 Unit
Integrated Logistics Management MNG00757 Unit
Intelligent Decision Systems ISY10056 Unit
Interactive Multimedia Application Development I CSC10214 Unit
Interactive Multimedia Application Development II CSC10215 Unit
Intern Study I MKT01221 Unit
Intern Study I - IV MKT01221-4 Unit
Intern Study II MKT01222 Unit
Intern Study III MKT01223 Unit
Intern Study IV MKT01224 Unit
International and Comparative Human Resource Management MNG00786 Unit
International Business MNG72005 Unit
International Business Seminar I MNG40021 Unit
International Business Seminar II MNG40022 Unit
International Business Seminar III MNG40023 Unit
International Business Thesis (Part 1 of 3) MNG40024 Unit
International Business Thesis (Part 2 of 3) MNG40025 Unit
International Business Thesis (Part 3 of 3) MNG40026 Unit
International Contract Management BUS00758 Unit
International Economics and Trade ECO00150 Unit
International Exchange I EXE10361 Unit
International Exchange I EXE10151 Unit
International Exchange II EXE10362 Unit
International Exchange II EXE10152 Unit
International Exchange III EXE10363 Unit
International Exchange III EXE10153 Unit
International Exchange IV EXE10364 Unit
International Exchange IV EXE10154 Unit
International Exchange V EXE10365 Unit
International Exchange V EXE10155 Unit
International Exchange VI EXE10156 Unit
International Exchange VI EXE10366 Unit
International Exchange VII EXE10367 Unit
International Exchange VII EXE10157 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXE10158 Unit
International Exchange VIII EXE10368 Unit
International Finance FIN00126 Unit
International Management MNG00313 Unit
International Tourism Destinations MNG10696 Unit
International Tourism Systems MKT01906 Unit
Internship A MNG73005 Unit
Internship A & B MNG73005-6 Unit
Internship B MNG73006 Unit
Introduction to Professional Practice MNG10002 Unit
Introduction to the Business Law of Papua New Guinea LAW10177 Unit
Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management MNG00440 Unit
Leadership BHS00156 Unit
Leading and Managing projects MNG92305 Unit
Legal Studies LAW00720 Unit
Management Accounting ACC00146 Unit
Management Seminar I MNG40027 Unit
Management Seminar II MNG40028 Unit
Management Seminar III MNG40029 Unit
Management Thesis (Part 1 of 3) MNG40030 Unit
Management Thesis (Part 2 of 3) MNG40031 Unit
Management Thesis (Part 3 of 3) MNG40032 Unit
Managerial Accounting ACC00714 Unit
Managerial Accounting (Online) ACC93110 Unit
Managing Digital Enterprise ISY00740 Unit
Managing Digital Enterprise (Online) ISY93210 Unit
Managing Employee Relations in a Global Context BUS00914 Unit
Managing Information Systems MNG03218 Unit
Managing information systems (online) MNG93211 Unit
Managing Organisations MNG10247 Unit
Managing Rooms Division Operations MNG00135 Unit
Marketing MKT00720 Unit
Marketing (Online) MKT82210 Unit
Marketing Communications MKT10723 Unit
Marketing Principles MKT00075 Unit
Marketing Research MKT00106 Unit
Marketing Seminar I MKT40001 Unit
Marketing Seminar II MKT40002 Unit
Marketing Seminar III MKT40003 Unit
Marketing Thesis (Part 1 of 3) MKT40004 Unit
Marketing Thesis (Part 2 of 3) MKT40005 Unit
Marketing Thesis (Part 3 of 3) MKT40006 Unit
MISM Research Project (1 unit) MNG03132 Unit
MISM Research Project (1 unit) MNG03130 Unit
MISM Research Project (1 unit) MNG03131 Unit
MISM Research Project (1st of 2 unit project) MNG03125 Unit
MISM Research Project (2nd of 2 unit project) MNG03126 Unit
New Venture Creation MNG03219 Unit
Object Oriented GUI Development CSC10216 Unit
Object Oriented Program Development CSC10210 Unit
Organisational Behaviour MNG91001 Unit
Organisational Behaviour MNG82001 Unit
Organisational Behaviour (Online) MNG82210 Unit
Organisational Behaviour: Power and the Human Resource Management Activist MNG10719 Unit
Organisational Change and Development MNG00703 Unit
Organisational Change and Development (Online) MNG91215 Unit
Organisational Stakeholder Management MNG10716 Unit
Papua New Guinea Taxation ACC10179 Unit
PG Enabling Project I - Tourism Management MNG69063 Unit
Portfolio Management FIN10711 Unit
Principles and Practice of Human Resource Management MNG00320 Unit
Principles of Gastronomy HOS03417 Unit
Principles of International Business MNG00316 Unit
Principles of Programming ISY00245 Unit
Professional Auditing ACC00715 Unit
Professional Auditing (Online) ACC93211 Unit
Professional Development for the Workplace MNG10476 Unit
Professional Hospitality Experience I MNG20001 Unit
Professional Hospitality Experience II MNG20002 Unit
Professional Hospitality Experience III MNG20003 Unit
Professional Hospitality Experience IV MNG20004 Unit
Program Design ISY00700 Unit
Programming Languages CSC00217 Unit
Project Management MNG00785 Unit
Project Management (Online) MNG91212 Unit
Project Management for Conventions and Events MNG10228 Unit
Project Management Principles MNG91217 Unit
Project Management: Initiation and Planning MNG91218 Unit
Project Management: Quality, Control and Risk MNG92230 Unit
Project Procurement and Contract Management MNG93220 Unit
Qualitative Research Methods MNG03047 Unit
Quantitative Research Methods MNG03048 Unit
Research Design and Methods MAT93010 Unit
Research for Business and Tourism MNG10720 Unit
Research Methods MAT00792 Unit
Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality BUS00913 Unit
Research Proposal MNG03050 Unit
School of Tourism & Hospitality Management SCH008 School
Service Management for Tourism and Hospitality MKT01909 Unit
Services Marketing MKT10724 Unit
Social Marketing MKT10726 Unit
Southern Cross Business School SCH007 School
Spa Management TRM72002 Unit
Special Interest Tourism MKT00204 Unit
Sponsorship in the Global Marketplace MNG03397 Unit
Sport, Tourism and Enterprise SOY00012 Unit
Statistical Analysis MAT10251 Unit
Strategic Architecture of Organisations MNG10718 Unit
Strategic Knowledge Management MNG03067 Unit
Strategic Knowledge Management MNG91214 Unit
Strategic Management for Tourism and Hospitality Enterprises MNG00417 Unit
Strategic Marketing MKT10725 Unit
Strategic Marketing of Destinations and Hotels MKT00905 Unit
Strategy and Case Analysis MNG93002 Unit
Strategy and Case Analysis (Online) MNG93210 Unit
Supervision and Teamwork MNG00167 Unit
Sustainable Business Management MNG10253 Unit
Sustainable Hotel Management HOTL5004 Unit
Sustainable Tourism HMS00423 Unit
Systems Analysis and Design ISY00243 Unit
Talent and Culture HOTL6003 Unit
Taxation ACC00132 Unit
Taxation Law and Practice ACC00717 Unit
Technological Systems for Hotels, Conventions and Events ISY00244 Unit
The Casino, Club and Hotel Environment BUS00211 Unit
The Company Law of Papua New Guinea LAW10178 Unit
The Cruise Business MNG10291 Unit
The Entrepreneurial Endeavour MNG00737 Unit
The Global Hotel Landscape HOTL5001 Unit
The Global Hotel Leader HOTL5002 Unit
The Human Resource Management Expert Practitioner MNG10714 Unit
The Positive Leader MNG91211 Unit
The Positive Leader MNG03217 Unit
The Sustainable Hotel Environment MNG20006 Unit
Theming and Staging for Conventions and Events MNG10226 Unit
Theories and Issues in Sport and Tourism SOY00011 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality International Exchange I EXE00221 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality International Exchange II EXE00222 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality International Exchange III EXE00223 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality International Exchange IV EXE00224 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality International Exchange V EXE00225 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality International Exchange VI EXE00226 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality International Exchange VII EXE00227 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality International Exchange VIII EXE00228 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Management MKT01907 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Marketing MKT00127 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Research and Analysis MNG00415 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Sales and Promotion MKT00128 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Thesis (Stage 1 of 3) MNG40005 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Thesis (Stage 2 of 3) MNG40006 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Thesis (Stage 3 of 3) MNG40007 Unit
Tourism and Hotel Internship MNG03237 Unit
Tourism and Hotel Professional Development MNG03236 Unit
Tourism in Pacific Asia MKT01425 Unit
Tourism Planning Environments MKT01760 Unit
Tourism Research Project MNG03401 Unit
Tourism Research Proposal MNG03400 Unit
Tourism Theories and Practices SOY00411 Unit
Understanding the Business Environment MNG10713 Unit
Warehousing and Inventory Management MKT01759 Unit
Web Development I ISY10209 Unit
Web Development II CSC10217 Unit
Wine Studies MNG20007 Unit
Work Based Learning MNG00169 Unit
Work: Its Organisation and Remuneration SOC10246 Unit
Working in Organisations SOC10245 Unit
Workplace Learning MNG00168 Unit

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